Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the nuthingness. seriously nuthing.

people come and leave.

but,they always leave.


somehow it become a permanent pattern in ur life these past few years.

sometime when people say "dont worry ,ill keep u forever" , u doubt. Coz , u learn that forever doesnt last that long. Sometime its over just like the blink of an eye. ur right eye. not the left one.

When people say "ill come back to u". they never will. but still u waited , patiently. Still nuthing re-appear.

Sometime u just want to stay in ur dream where everything is like a well plotted fairytale but u cant. and it hurts. it hurts so bad. so bad that u cudnt even trust anyone but urself.

sometime, when u cant even trust urself u tend to keep on falling , like an autumm leafs. flying helplessly. just waiting for someone to guide u.but as usual,theres no one.

but people always leave. even when u wanted them to stay. badly.

u got so messed up until everything doesnt make sense anymore.

someday,when u get totally screwed up like diena, and write senseless thing like this please please get a help. a professional help. coz u are expriencing of what she called a malignant disease of bosanrism.

p/s : ade penyakit rupe2nye aku nie.

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pembeli_salah_bateri said...

well.. perhaps some ppl thought that it wd be better. when the best option is that, maybe a person wd then have to choose the lesser of two evils.

but then perhaps some ppl cd be wrong. as it's not only worsen up the situation and wd missed the person that he/she left behind even more than he/she had ever imagine.