Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Brother and his hidden agenda.

Mabuhai dearest readers,

at this very point of time, i am blogging in my well-built black toilet. Why some may ask, this is because i can only smoke in my bathroom. My bonda would kill me if my room is congested with ciggarets buds and smokes.

i have nuthing to blog about actually.

but , here i am , in the toilet , with my only brother , the one who always get high on the greens. In fact , at this very moment , he is puffing away the smoke he just inhaled before that.

that is not my point,

My point is,

while he was serving himself , he - the only sole son of my mother , was busy babbling about , get this

his sex experiences, which i find kindda diskasting. He told me about the time that he banged this chick with his other friend. yeah threesomed.I didnt even know what expression to display. So i just go eeeeyukhhh yek yek.

its ok , not to worry , i'd keep the revolting details to myself. see how thoughtful i am. i should be awarded with a big shiny medal.

Hes gone now. I could hear his car went off from the porch.

Tonight , he said , that he gonna go out with the same girl. Minus his thresome buddy. So i guess tonite is going to get somehow rather passionate. I dont know . I failed bio and chemistry in high school.

Before he stepped out from the toilet , all i could give him was

"Dont forget the rubber brother"

p/s : nevertheless , he is the bestest bro anyone could ever wish for. like srsly. the bestest of the bestest of the bestest


aRe You? said...

cam knal je words tu?

Mas Rahman said...

ohhhhhhhhh , ni ke ur bro yang belikan nasi lemak singgit sedappppppppppppppp tu ?? (kelip2 mata ;p)

dort . said...

sick sial!

manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

gile cool

Anonymous said...

high on green..ur bro definitely cool..and u also