Sunday, November 9, 2008

The end of everything. Everything.

Aku malas nak update!

this blog is officialy on HIATUS

I am,at this very point of time, very very and extremely busy being lazy.

I am lazy to think

I am lazy to talk *which is totally untrue even it is proven by certified sycophant*

too lazy to smirk

too lazy to blink

too lazy to think

too lazy to even show any grimace whenever my nieces trying to figure out what tampon is actually for. they end up thinking that it is somekind of nose plug, or ear,or anywhere below ur waist line.

i am prone to dispose to idleness no matter what the condition of the weather is,be it raining,drizzling or just mere windy.

i am a slow moving creature whose somehow manage to get herself into one of the epic bed time story such as three blind mouse. or whatever it is kids these days read about.

and it has finally come to the sad and worst part when i am too



breath. or to be calm as a stagnant water which is a favorite place for a mosquito,usually the sluttiest one, to lay her eggs on.

i am too lazy to blog. to lazy to write. to lazy to compose any story as an eye candy for all of u dearest stalker.yeah u, the one who are now picking her nose,obliviously.

the burning fire of my writing passion has been dry blown away with the agitated wind of laziness.

i wont entertain to any of ur reading pleasure anymore.

to lazy to live but that doesnt mean m giving up on life. i love my life and the people who makes it possible for me to be liking my life the way i never did before.

but but

i dont know where m going on with this.

but u get my point

i am an indolent little adult girl who will be 23 in less than 4 months. who is at this very moment

never get an award.

never been to Japan.

never rode in a limousine with a fancy dress and a nice corsage on a wrist to go with.

never been on a stage to play the reenactment about how puteri hang li po had gotten her first menstruation period.

never ate an exotic food which will make my stomach growling like a vicious beast.

never had a famous Hollywood celebrity's signature, preferably a male one on my butt.

never played any instruments in front of hundreds ragging audience.

never get the chance to meet and greet the new elected U.S and A president.

never kissed a guy in a convertible car under the blanket of million stars.

never gone picnic in the midst of bustling city filled with all sorts or crimes. Especially drugs trafficking and corrupted politicians whom have their own secret society.

never kicked a boy in the middle of the butt. and a girl as well. My parents didnt raised me to be that way. or any other ways ur dirty minded directed u to go.

never been on a telly commercial for some cheesy coffee brand.

never strutted on a fashion runway before. i already told them i am the tallest among 'em midgets! sheeshh!

never met tay zonday in person. i wonder if he taste like chocolate or just plain salty like all of us infamous being.

never had a making out session on a train that heading up south.

never bothered to use good grammar in her writing. *another reason why u shud stop reading my blog. it is a bad influence for any of u 1119 candidates out there*

but most of all




helplessly angau dgn bangau bersama si sengau yang ada panau di tepi danau



who u might ask?

i dont know. go figure. use that big useless brain of urs.

who knows it might be someone relatively close to u.

maybe ur dad , who had forgotten he had a lost cause daughter like u.

or it could be your bestfriend , your brother or simply

your math teacher whom despite his highly educational background still think that the world is triangle.

or or even worst

your on-and-off boyfriend who u caught red handed cheated,not one , not twice but thrice with the same girl u thought was ur bestfriend.

so with this

i will end my useless nonsensical writing once and for all.

u will never see me writing again after this.

not even when u dated a mutated slut down the sewage in the year 3040. yeah the one who had like countless nipples on her body.















no..not u..the one beside u. yeah u! SUCKA!!!

p/s : dont whimper. or else u will end up like both of ur parents who is now in the almost disclose asylum located somewhere in ur imagination.

the could be last p/s : i ought to be sleeping right now coz class started tmrw which is another reason for my impromptu hiatus. deng, i am even too lazy to publish this post.

foot/note : HELLO U.. yes u! the only sole product of two retarded person who u now called mom and dad. I AM DONE WRITING DONT U HEAR ME?? STOP READING!! sheeehsss...cant even ask to do a simple task. i wonder how ur brain work. i dont think any working is done in there. and to think that ive done enuff to help the society of limping flying monkey. ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ILL STOPPP!!!! damage ur brain just yet? just wait for my come back. ill be better. better than ur mom burnt tepung dark it even compliment the gigantic living mole on ur mom right cheek.

maybe ill get married and have two daughters,make that twin.

yeah, twin! the other me i should have to make the world a better place for all the smacky junkies of various drug addiction to run around freely without bumping into each other. yeah better place. better bitter place. ok bye. tido diena tido plis..tido plis plis.


shh~ diena tido. jgn kacau die. or else u wont be able to stand her babbling on and on and on and on about non-political matter, like how ur left breast is smaller than the right one. or vice versa.


Amir Hamzah said...

girl u need to get laid. there's so much tension in you. lol

miyawong said...

so many bombastic words kak.. after spm u need to get my life experience back.. i dun want to come home.. because i have stayed in home for almost 2 years.. i dunno what are you going to do with me... but i want my social life back...ok... and whenever i want to read your post i have to stretch my finger to open a new tab for dictionary...u are really gud with words..

Anonymous said...

sila kawen wahai anak dara yang baru lepas habis pantang bersalin 44 hari yang ditegur makcik jual kuih depan rumah. - anonLYN -

manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

susah payah sial aku nk decipher ko punya hidden message.


selepas ni kat mana aku nk baca cerita2 fantasi??

Amir Hamzah said...

to my favorite blogger. don't stop. cuz people like me need to know what you're up to :P

aRe You? said...



helplessly angau dgn bangau bersama si sengau yang ada panau di tepi danau



aku tau sape...aku tau sape!hahahhahahaha

cikudi said...

amir - u stalker!!!! hahahahha..

ayu - sape? aku bercinta ngan bangau kot skrang..hahhaha bangau o bangau mengapa engkau kurusss..hahhaha

ahhhh biar laaa..aku da malas nak menulis..lepas nie kalau nak bace cite2 fantasi g beli buku cite kanak2..hahha

Anonymous said...

huh?what?stop writing? ?noooo.pls...dont stop it im a stalker..but please dont stop writing..

who gonna make me laugh silly at the office then?
what webpage should i go to when i need some entertainment?
where can i get the drive to even pay my streamyx bills for the next month?
what could make me go to the office on monday until friday so i can find my income if your blog is no longer here?

please..dont close this blog..
i beg u..
if you want anything please just let me know..
ill give u anything thats in my reach..

please dont stop writing!i never beg before this..shouldnt this mean something to u?


-your biggest stalker ever!-
(ps-i would tell you who i am if u promise you wont stop writing)

cikudi said...

poyo gile ko! hahahhahahah

aRe You? said...

hahahahahaha skeri siaaallll

call_me_POLARBEAR_quick_or_i'll_snap_ya_bloody_spine said...

hahaha=)) tobat skeri shite!! aduh.. bis camana!?!

hekle.. sungguh xde identiti sendiri.. org nak delete.. dia nak delete.. org malas.. dia malas.. *eh jap!! sal wa duk "" nih?!*

dem babe.. am soooOOooo gonna miss ya.. might even consider to slit my wrist and let my blood dried on the altar that i built up especially for ya.. << now that's a REAL stalker.. huhu..

aRe You? said...
dem! cam gay!


Anonymous said...

akan dibuat petition agar tiada penutupan blog terlampau ini -_-