Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Magic Poster

At last,she decided to came out from her nest. She turned the knob of her door room slowly for no reason. It was so bright outside. Her eyes automatically squinted to adjust from the sudden light. She walked around the house. Empty. No lives seem to be in presence.

She was bored. Bored to every single bone in her tiny frame. She knew she have to do something. But being a distinguish procrastinator she is, she just delay the work that has to be done. She didnt felt any guilt at all. None.

She climbed the table in her house hall and danced effortlessly to the unheard melody inside her head. The feeling of stupidity rise up inside her. She didnt care. She continued dancing until she couldnt take the stupidity anymore. After the brief exercise , she decided to get back into her room to re-attached her butt on her black office-like chair.

She passed through her dad's now new room. The door was tight shut. She opened the door and peeked a little inside. She scanned the room. Suddenly,to her horror, she saw the big glass frame that contained her proud Chelsea poster leaned on the corner of the room.

She stunned."What the hell are u doing down here, arent u supposed to be hang on the wall?" she questioned the inanimate object. Somehow she expected the poster to respond. Slowly she turned her head to the place where the poster used to be hanged. And this is what came to served her naked eyes.

I dont know what emotion i shud be feeling right now. Haih la papa. Ko bole ganti poster kebanggaan aku ngan tulisan cina sanskrit nie. haih la haihhhhh la HAIHHHH LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


aRe You? said... makna tulisan tu weyh???

ko tanak letak pic ko time darjah 4 ke diena?

karbait said...

boleh compile tak cerita2 fantasi ko ni?

menarik dibaca

cikudi said...

compile la kalau ko nak compile..sile kan..but credit back to me