Monday, November 24, 2008

The little Known Facts

Something less people know about me.

1. I am the messiest person i know when it comes to brushing up teeth. Imagine org kene sawan kuar buih putih2 kat mulut. that is exactly i look like , minus the rolling eyes and the seizure.

2. I eat kerepek with roti. Some people find this weird. I dont. Do u?

3. I am the ultimate supreme super procrastinator. Like srsly! if the assignment were to due on Monday 11 pm , U can still see me happily watching completed downloaded tv series on Sunday night. I have to train myself to work under pressure. I eat bread and sambal ikan bilis this morning.

4.I love the smell of the grass after the rain.It smells so fresh , so pure. Just like me. Like srsly.

will be updated soon with more gruesome details coz right now m off to school.

p/s : arghh 2 weeks! lame la weh!
s/p : arghh 3 weeks! lame nyeeee!

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