Thursday, October 9, 2008

Selamat Tinggal Myspace

Less than 3 minutes ago i decided to close my myspace account. I cant handle two social networking site in one time. Goodbye myspace. akan ku igt diri mu sampai ke mati. anyways,this is one of the entry that i posted on myspace's blog.


This is she

She is insecure about what the future holds for her tiny self. The demands of her life is so overwhelming. She doesnt knows if she could satisfies the people that hold so much hope on her . Whatever she ought to decides will definitely affects the people around her, the people she love, the people she wud trade her life for.

So she sits there in her solitary existence, folding her arm around her small frame and starts to rock her body deliberately to the unheard rhythm inside her head. Her eyes rapidly closed and she let her mind vaguely travel to the space that contains her past unable-to-delete memories.

Unexpected tears coming down from the corner of her eyes when she thinks about what she has been through , the bad,the good and everything in between that had mold her into the person she is now, into this unmanaged yet wondereful life she have now,into the bottomless tunnel of responsibility. Not that shes complaining , but she could have done better by making different choices ; she told herself. The right thing to do for now is fixing and patching the infinite hole by making the right choices no matter how difficult it is and by making dat she haf to make sure not to put anyone around her in trouble.

She feels much more relieves when she writes this in 3rd person point of view, as if she isn't herself, as if she is writing about another person she created , a fictional character about herself. But who is she kidding, this is about her, all about her.

She would like to continue her writing but somewhere in her not-so-well-functioned brain decided to cut off the overflowing river of creativeness and not to mention the vocabulary pond that already starting to dry off.She doesnt haf anything to write about , at least for now because suddenly it occurred to her dat maybe, MAYBE she is sleepy, maybe her unmade bed is starting to look much more enticing than her bright white and heavily sticker-ed monitor , and maybe , just maybe the atmosphere around her is so blissfully relaxing with a cold breezily wind touches her dull skin and not to mention a dimp table lamp (dat she purposely put beside her collection of plushies so dat they wont get scared if shes not around for their companion) dat starting to look like a glowing disfigured pumpkin.And along with that, she decided to detaches her butt from this soft one-seated couch and finally throws herself at the bed. *to be cont*

p/s : aku bosan. mind the long-and-seems-like-neverending bullcrap. u can read it if u have 1/2 worthless minutes.if not , run and extricate yourself from this mind-torturing piece of shiet. nuff said.


manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

entry yang panjang.
aku cuma angguk2 je

Anonymous said...

ntah nape i

buah-buahan said...

bebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!! dah kawan tigapulopatjuta..pehal nak dedelete!! lol..