Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The man called papa

How does it feels like when ur beloved papa suddenly come and stay over with u?



blessing in disguise?

I am so used to living alone where i can just like walking threadlessly in the house, puffing the cigarettes away like i am naturally born with iron lung or coming back home the same time nasik lemak stall open.

Skrang Limited movement. sian diena.

This morning , when he called me , i got very cranky and kindda pissed off with him because he rang me like really early in the morning to shift his stuff over. But then suddenly , memories of my childhood flash vaguely before me. I remembered how he always bought everything that i wanted, toys, vhs disney cartoons, princess's dresses and many more. But one thing that really take me back on my mind was this one time;

There was one day when he was sleeping and i asked him to bring over my p.e attire, then he came, with unwashed face and loose singlet to my school and brought my pinafore instead of my baju sukan. I told him to go home because i was slightly embarrassed by his appearance *
which until now still left a big guilt in me*. He just smiled , kissed me on the forehead and left. This happened when i was in standard 5 i guess. 11 years old. Makan ice cream pun tumpah kat baju lagi.haih

How could i thought of him as a burden? Useless silly retarded me! I am so going to be burn in hell for that. Flame to the very last ashes.He is not not not! I could never repay him for everything that he has ever done for me, even if its takes the whole span of my lifetime. Sayang papa!

Haih. it really feels like highschool again where i have to sneak around my dad. ha ha ha. haih. tak kelaka laa semut!


Kain buruk aku ilang mase tgh kemas2 bilik papa. Macam misteri gile. Mane kain buruk aku? ade sape2 nampak tak? die kaler putih, tapi cam ade kelabu2 sket sebab baru lap habuk. Sape nampak tlg bagi balik please. buruk sangat tu,jgn la amek.pls?

UPDATE : Oh da jumpe. rupe2nye kain buruk tu kat dapor. die lari mase aku tgh lap frame poster chelsea. malu agaknya kalah kat home. GODAMMITTT!!!!!!!

p/s : nak periuk nasik. (=

sumpah muke krenki and xhausted habis!


abg said...

org tua kita bole jaga anak 10 org.....anak 10 org belum tentu bole jaga org tua yg 2 rg tu......sabar ada balasan diakhirat nanti

lubangsyurga.. huhu.. said...

pegi IOI beli!! kan ke "easy"? :p ..

p/s: blessing in disguise.. xyah risau dah.. yeahhhaaa..