Thursday, October 2, 2008

the IFness of Raya

If raya was an official sport registered in the board of Olympic , i'd be the only ground breaking record holder for my ability to sustain the hectic and utterly xhausting day. or so i thought.

If small children below 4 years old was a cake that has been meticulously baked to cater the whole team of paralympic ,i would,unrestrainedly step,crush or any possible violent movement that could cause severe injury to the receiving party (i do explain unnescassary details way too much dont i?) on the cake without any tiny feelings of sympathy swirling inside me.

If duit raya was a stabil and normal heartbeat of a person who just had an intense orgasm involving a long,spikey,pointy and might have been old enuff to be an antique,i would be weak and in dire need of life support. My 3 years old niece even received an abundant pieces of angpau compared to me. Is this is fair, then i wont go to fun fair anymore.

If exuberantly served food on raya was a lot less like a carnivale fills with mutated freaks with promising talents, u would be one of the opening acts. Yes the one with the most freakiest physical defection. U are so freakiest that u are the laughing stock among ur freaky friend yaw,working ur freaky job in the freaky carnivale le le yaw yaw ugh haa. ughh demnit! Mind the digression, i have lost my flavoury words less than 40 minutes ago. I dont even know what to think anymore. The visibility between reality and fantasy has been cleverly covered up by invisibility cloak that was once being snatched from Harry Potter's possesion.

Seriously i should go and sleep now or else ill look like ur mother in the morning.

p/s : berak lately nie menyakit kan di celah2 bunge matahari sial. org cakap consume too much red meat nanti berak keras cam batu. but but..i like to eat red meat. red means love. i am a lovable person thus i eat meat. cos technically in my theory meat = love = meat. oohhh yeahh, me likey likey meaty meat meat. weh bodo tido esok nak g penang. bodo bangang makan taik punya org. fullstop


osycph said...

bodo.. pulang balik 45 saat aku! haha

dob said...

IF only ya have a full clown costume, ya cd be my royal jester forever! now learn face! :p

cheljha said...

bunga matahari kembang sangat santeekk .. kembang diwaktu pagi .. haha! weyy pompuan, ko dtg penang mai umah aku beb kat ataih bukit bendera.aku nie jenis yg susah nak baca2 blog org tapi konyer tanhle tetiba plak aku rasa syiokk .. update tau ..