Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open Houses

I think m gonna explode soon.My body cannot tolerate this much intake of food in one day.

Banyak sial open house ari nie.I got like 4 invites to 4 different houses all around KL,Shah Alam and Sri Kembangan. Aku rase aku bole jadi ADUN bahagian mane ntah.

So , if u happened to see a disheveled girl with a crumple cloth laying down helplessly by the side of the road, please acknowledge her, coz she might be the girl ur boifren once molested savagely with his other rempit friends.

totally off the topic. yeah i know. but that is what makes it more fun. ha ha ha. tak fun pun.

ok bye




nyum nyum nyum

ye ye diena gemok ye ye diena gemok. gemok pom pom pom! When i look down , all i see now is this big round unidentified shape of my belly. ha ha ha


p/s : :"> *dish dish*

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