Monday, October 27, 2008

Merajuk beyond control. pffftt!!

ongek ! ongek !

i swear there is a very thick layers of greasy and slimy loserness smothered all over my face.

Even few minutes before the match ended , all my friends, or which in this case all my friends whom are liverfool fans started to bombard my phone. My phone was there, ringing and vibrating restlessly on the bearable filthy surface of asia cafe's stone table. I received all sorts of ejekan,tapi diena cool, die diam je coz the thing that dont kill you makes u stronger kan?

Eleh, bagi can je la kot. 4 thn baru nak merasa skali. blah ah.this is anfield kunun. anfield my cute bontot ah!




my unfortunate event didnt end all there. Because there was another suprise for me when the time i went to get my car. yeah i do love suprises,even the bad one.'Cos Apparently ,there was a flock of birds decided to have a cirit party on my car.Thank u very much to mother nature, my blue car is now spotted with white dot. so pretty! couldnt have done better my self. pffftttt!

those red circles indicate the countless splatted of birdies turd.

ko siap burung..aku dapat ko aku goreng buat burung goreng tepung. pastu cicah mayonis. hmm mayonis. nyummy! ok m hungry now. any liverpool fans out there willing to be my food? coz m in the mood for biting rite now. and it aint no funny fetish stuff. more like barbaric kindda bite. ha ha ha. tau takut!

da la. Damien Rice song make me so depressed. I should lighted a few candles and filled my room with it. Remind me how lonely i am?

da tido. prepare for another meaningless day!


p/s : i cant be mad at liverpool boys for long period of time. They, (particularly one person) make me melt faster than u can say "Happy Deepavali" .

the neverending p/s : oh by the way. HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my hindus friends. (is there any?)


o.t.g said...

hahahahaha.. padan muka!!! taik burung!!! << kaber.. sbb nak kutuk menda yg satu agi.. lagi doplopatjam ah wa kena banned.. huhu.. skeri..

4dMinIstR@t0r said...

chelsea fan meh? sapa menang ek? liverfool menang ke? o0oo0o0o...chelsea kasi can ek?....hahahaha

Zacky Vengeance said...

whatever, man united will win the league. hehe