Saturday, August 9, 2008

I will only (and if only) have children if..

they come with an impressive packaging complete with a remote control as well. With a big red MUTE button in the middle. And also a BEHAVE button.


This morning i decided not to have any kid in th
e near future. Heck i even terrified to even have a thought about having any intimate moment with anyone.Why? Because for this wknd,my brother had dumped her two lovely daughters at me. Ok maybe dumped is a strong word to be said but every weekend he will send his kids to my mom house at monterez but my mom is at penang so i have to be their baby sitter for this wknd.I could have said no. But i didnt,coz i love spending time with them. So last nite they (Miya,Wawa,Ana,Elin and their new maid that they called "Kawan") arrived at my doorstep at approx 2130.The moment they entered the house,they were like due ekor anak kera yg baru dapat pisang. Terloncat2 like there was a trampoline beneath them. Aku dgn penat keje tak abeh just duduk dalam kesungulan.

So after awhile they came to the brink of exhaustio
n. They went to sleep. But i didnt. I sat infront of the pc,surfing,and chatting,and fesbuking coz u know i never had a chance to do that due to my busy weekdays. I slept at 4.30.I kept the door unlocked because if anything happened they can wake me up.I guess leaving the door unlocked was a huge mistake because at sometime around 0735 am....

...I was brutally dikejutkan dgn suara mereka yg sangat nyaring. Sehingga mencecah 10
0 desibel. My head was friggin heavy but i gathered up my strength and opened my eyes. There she was,the youngest of them two. She grinned and said with a voice one level lower than an airplane engine


Ughhh shooot!! ive been planting a sweet seed of hope 3 weeks back saying that i would take them swimming at my house. Now they are here,standing solidly infront of me claiming for their promise.

"Kejap kejap..iku nak tido kejap niee..nah tgk spongebob dulu" i said mamai-ly sambil bukakkan cartoon spongegbob dat i illegaly downloaded sometime ago on my pc.

One hour has passed


"Haa..da habiss..jap..tgk ratatoille nie dulu"

They just sit there,receiving the entertainment that i feed to them. Waiting patiently for the moment of truth. sejam has passed again. And me,still lying motionless on the bed. or so i tot.


"Haaa..JOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! " Ive been mentally prepared for this. So i quickly get up from the bed. And take them to the pool. They were so happy playing
and splashing the water at each other. And at me as well.

Just now their mother took them off my hand. Mak die nak bawak deorang balik tanjung karang. I can now rest blissfully uninterrupted. I hope.

Nevertheless, this is the most meaningful weekend for me.

p/s : for better viewing,please click on the picture. or just die in curiosity.

p/s : oh yeah..turn out that my chelsea made up story take a little longer to be if u cant wait,u might as well decapitate urself. because world got nuthing more to offer to u and ur defected offspring.


Anonymous said...

macam babij er kau edit gamba..haih

Anonymous said...

makin chubby dowh ko skang..hahah

Diena said...

aku tak chubby doh..

aku cume sehat lebeh je

hairulzain said...

ikuu ikuu ikuuuuuuuuu!!!!! sunimpool dah kering...jom gi taman main buaian..haha!! good baby sit la dayana ;p

aRe You? said...

aku tatau lak rupenye ko ni penyayang :))

Remy Adrian said...

this post is a cool aunt.

geonecide~flyuphigh said...

ikuuu.. ikuuu.. da macam specis ikan dah

geonecide~flyuphigh said...

eyh lupe na bitaw.. boxer ko lawa

Anonymous said...

diena nmpk comel pict kat suming poolll..
cam kanak2 riang ribena..(^_^)

Anonymous said...

nice legs...slurrpp !!

haku said...

aku tau ni post lama tp aku br baca. just nak bgtau... oii nampak punat!!

haku said...

punat lol