Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unfinished Rubbish

It was 5.30 when my eyes laid directly at the corner bottom right of the monitor where the usual integer indicating the time was always there. "Ahhh" I sighed silently , carefully not to heard by my fellow colleagues . I straighten up my self from my slouched position. My shoulder hurt,it felt like there were thousand of unnameable force been enjoying picnicking on it.I stretched my body in turning movement. Left,stretched. Right,stretched. After that,I flexed my body foward to awaken my muscles.Ahh, now i feel so much lighter. I went back to my workstation,which deserved to be called "ShitStation V1".

My eyes squinted to adjust my visual of the sudden bright light that the monitor was emmiting. My fingers danced precisely at the keyboard replying at forum.Alt-Tab,illustrator. "Time to do work!" I snarled to myself. My right hand took the tablet pencil and slided it on the digital pad our civilized ppl would call wacom, In the mean time, my left hand loyaly guarding the abused keyboard.I drew,drew,drew. Ctrl + Z-ed all the way through my work if any dissastifaction occured. "Ahhh bosan sial" I thought. Alt+Tab,Cupids Zone Forum. "Ohh godiee,theres a reply" I smiled foolishly.


when i feels like it.




poyo dgn gaya kan penulisan di atas?


wan hussin said...

arrrgghhh.... ehehe!

Dean said...

urm..wat is it that ur tracing? :-?

dw said...





rage said...

sesia je wa carik CC nak baca lu nya blog.. ya suck.. lol.. :P