Friday, July 4, 2008

Letter for my future ex-bf

Dear you,
Name one thing that i havent done for u. And yet u still havent notice or choose to ignore. I thank the lord for not continuing our relationship coz god forbid what might happened if we were still together. U treated me lower than turd. I treated u higher than god knows what. And tell me do i deserve everything that u've done to me?

Yes we have our sweet memories that i intend and will delete it from the particles of my mind even if i have to sell my soul coz having u in my mind is like putting a sharp razor rite through my bleeding heart. The things that we've done together and those stupid promises u've made without thinking twice really hurting me. I wonder if u really meant it or just saying it for the sake of our relationship that u have never ever appriciated.

U said u will change. I believe u, I always believe u.But one thing that ive learn from time to time is not to believe what u've said,coz everything that came out from ur mouth is rubbish.I planted full seed of hope long after I ended our relationship coz i never gave up on u. I never gave up on us.
But u are way beyond too much.U lead me all the way to the brink of my anger.I thought u would change.I really HOPE u will change coz my love for u wasnt as fake as u were to me.

I cant take this anymore.So now let me move on. Please ease this for me. Dont call me,dont nudge me at msn,dont text me. Coz u already dead to me.
Dead.I really really hate u rite now.I resent every single thing that uve done to me. But not to worry coz in time i will forgive u. I always forgive ppl who treated me like dirt.I always forgive ppl who took me for granted. Yes u took me for granted even if u denied it.

Remember when the time i said that u are the best thing that ever happened to my life? Maybe then but now I regreted saying that coz obviously you are not. So long. I pray for ur happiness and mine as well.


Disclaimer : This hate letter may or may not be abt me or my past relationship. Meaning may vary from ur own point of view.


Anonymous said...

If a lyrics based on this dissertation and with a sweet touch of acoustic guitar/piano melody would seize a lot of audience since it was a alluring piece of writing.

PG (Pete Gonzalez).

Anonymous said...

oh thank u. i wish it was a song coz it wudnt hurt so much when u are not writing from ur heart


Anonymous said...

how do you come out with this piece? do you have any bad experience before? mind me asking. becoz it is so genuine and sincere.
anyway, i think you're an observer who sensitive towards human nature/surroundings or
indirectly and psychologically, to me, it does portray yourself, a person who are compassionate, warm, loving and tender, but, last but not least, you're also fragile and vulnerable. this is what i assumed and if, you think you're not, well.. you can just ignore it.(thousand apologies)

the truth is i really adore this alluring piece since i first read it. 'WHY?'
its happened to me in the past. it hurt me so bad.
don't worry! even-though my heart have a soft side, it doesn't hurt me anymore. however it makes me more stronger.

lastly, i really appreciate you for adding me and nice meeting you my new friend.

PG (Pete Gonzalez)

Anonymous said...

time will heal up ur pain.when we love someone truly, sincerely, shit will happen.forgive n forget when we realize there is no chemistry.believe that he/she is not created for us.