Friday, July 11, 2008

Nursery Rhymes went wrong

Ahhh shootttt..its either the gay has taken down his blog or some gay intolerance hacker da hacked the page. Tak sempat nak menjiwai watak gay la like this. I was planning on writing a novel about a boy who contently decided on being a gay after seing his mother abused labia.M not getting anywhere with this arent i?

Anyways, i got nuthing better to blog. M going back to my mom house.

Before i end my writing,i'd like to share smething with u guys.

This happened last week when i was in the car to i forget where with my sister and my older niece named Ana.Ana is 4 years old and currently being educate at the pre-school located 50 steps away from her house . At this age, kids prone to be curious to their surroundings and would normally digest everything they heard,learnt and saw.

So anyways, when i was sembanging with miya about i couldnt remember shit i heard Ana singing a familiar tune of nursery rhymes. At first i didnt bothered because I was focusing on the car and talking to Miya but then Ana was getting kindda annoying because of her high pitched voice and her deaf tune so i have no choice but to direct my focus to her. And if my memory served me well, this is what she sang

Ana : One little two , little three little INDIA, three little four little five little PARIA..
Me : ana salahhh laaaa..little indians la..bukan india
Ana : TAKLAHHH..betul la ana nyanyiii..dgr niee One little two , little three little INDIA, three little four little five little PARIA
Me : salah la..sape ajar nie?
Ana : Cikgu kat skolah tu la yg ajar.
Me and miya : *speechless and still in shocked*

Its either she heard it wrong or her teacher just got dump with an indian guy or any other races who goes by the same skin color.

But either way ,

Alrite off me go.


Anonymous said...

dem.. that's funny. i laughed my ass off.. keep it up.

Diena Wong said...

so does ur ass still intact with ur body? or already fallen off?

Anonymous said...

err.. i dare not say. lemme check. OK intact.. but somehow.. something fell off tho. i wonder..

damn this is sick. me going thru ya comments and actually replying back.. huhu.. damn retard.. stop making sick stories! lol..

shahril mohammad said...

yea. something wrong with the teacher. and if that was true. that's racist. sigh