Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Long Lost relative (UPDATED!)

I have this cousin whom somehow gradually become non-existent through out the years. When i was a small ignorant girl, i remember clearly playing with him behind the backyard of our grandma mansion. He was different than any other of my male cousins. He was delicate,vulnerable and soft-spoken. He was the type of friend that every girl dream of having one. He was like a pet that always like to be intensively pampered.

But one thing that still hanging and dangling on one of my brain cells is his angelic voice and oh not to forget the way he directed his body to move following the beat of the music. I remember being his only audience inside the closet of our late aunt who died because of severe herpes. I also remember vividly playing dress up with him where he dolled me up, matched my shoes with my tops,curling my eye lashes using my mom's curler. We would also tried shades after shades of lipstick and eyeshadow just to cleaned up after 10 minutes of wearing it.

I always knew he was different. I accept him for what he was and what he would be.I knew it was wrong but somehow I didn't want him to change, not even a bit. But inconveniently for him , his family and the whole extended family didn't except him for what he becoming to be.So one day he ran away because he didn't want to cause any disgrace to the family. I was devastated and almost lost my grip of reality. I lost my cousin, i lost one of my family member but most importantly I lost my bestest friend.

Years after years i tried to erased every single memories I had with him. Although it was as painful as the first time every girl had sex , I managed to totally forget abt him.

But last Tuesday , when i was lepaking with my new bf at the mamak and suddenly I saw this one video clip with one familiar voice , face and moves. I stood there , half-petrified. My eyes almost pop out of its socket. My jaw drop down as if there was a strong force of gravity under me.

OMG! IT WAS MY COUSIN! MY LONG LOST RELATIVE! He finally living his dream! Now everyone can kiss his cute bouncy ass because he finally made it!

Here is the video clip of my famous cousin for u guys to drool/praise/worship. Enjoy!

p/s : Make sure u watch until the very end of it. Because u wudnt want to miss the part when he..oh well..m not gonna spoil it for u. Just watch it and feel it.


eh ok bye. nak sambung buat calendar bodo nie.

Disclaimer : Aku tade cousin gay or nigs or kels. Baka elok2 macam family aku nie mane bole produced such a disgraceful human being. Cita di atas hanyalah another figments of my retarded imagination.


I really really didnt meant for any of this to happened let alone to offend any sexually confused boys out there. And moreover i totally didnt meant to bring the worst out of nobody. But unfortunately this very post has made one of my friend feel so determine to end his sexual disoriented.

p/s : bukan name sebenar. like seriously double choc syrup serious!

aPiskE: aku pun rasa nak jadi gay lah
diena wong: kenape?
aPiskE: sebab bontot aku gatal
diena wong: erk
aPiskE: serious
aPiskE: maybe its a sign
diena wong: maybe
aPiskE: kalau aku gay.. aku nak BK
diena wong: aku letak kat blog k
aPiskE: biasalah.. jadi gay kene tahan kene ridicule
aPiskE: okay. just in case kau letak ni kat blog..

aPiskE: there..
diena wong: seriously serious?
aPiskE: yea. why not ?
diena wong: u gotta be kidding the hell out of me
aPiskE: u didnt saw it coming no ?
diena wong: HELL NO!
diena wong: so all this while u were just pretending?
diena wong: to see if u are still interested in women?
aPiskE: pretending ?
diena wong: u used me!
aPiskE: i used you ?
aPiskE: in what way !?
diena wong: in the way to convince urself that u are not gay
aPiskE: i didnt use u
aPiskE: i am truly honest to you
diena wong: u used me
aPiskE: well yeah..
aPiskE: in order for me to confirm my sexuality
diena wong: so are u really gay now?
aPiskE: nope
diena wong: ahh shoot
aPiskE: why ?
aPiskE: u want me to be gay ?
diena wong: hahhaa
diena wong: yeah!
aPiskE: why ?
diena wong: because if u are gay then i can be naked in front of u and not being worried of anything that might happened
aPiskE: IM GAY!
diena wong: two faces!


Teddy Picker said...


Legendary aPiskE said...

hahaha babi!

Miss Reezberry said...

hahah kelakar ah uollsss...i like....

aRe You? said...

hoi...aku jumpe ur comment kat blog gay!!hahaha...what a small world :P lupe nak ckp..aku idayu :D

Anonymous said...

babi bodoh!!!! penat je aku baca. aku ingat cousin kau dulu yg kita ke bangsar joget joget...
tipah tertipu

wan hussin said...

ahaks! so cool blog... i grap ur blog as my link, hope u dont mind ah Diena Wong!

Shuun said...

ciss...akoo baru nak emotional bacer karangan tue...spoil jer mood~!!

manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

eh..aku gay apa

bum bum bum

Diena Wong said...

tahniah kerana anda gay

Imran Yusof said...

(gelak sampai ke subuh)