Friday, July 11, 2008


I am very sure that half of Malaysia who are capable of reading have read the instantly famous gay blog *which i am not gonna link here* .Blog tu macam a torrent of stream that flows hungrily into the internet sea of cruelness.Ive read all the post and sadly it burned my eyes and tormented my mind. But then again i dont judge. Because it might be true or not. I have nuthing against gay. Gay love is much more greater than any other love out there,kot. But then again they were so many rude and snide comments about the blog.Reading the comments is like watching a clown who forget to wear his red nose. Who are u to judge those guys? Are u god himself? Let him lead the life he choose. It is his problem dunia dan akhirat.

Yeah aku sapot GAY RIGHTS! u got a problem with that? So aku malas nak tulis panjang sebab my mind is totally occupied with gayness right now. I think m gonna grow a dick tmrw. touch wood! god forbid! that is just so sick in so many ways.

And oh. Scientifically proven that if u judge and critique so much , u'll end up looking like this

U wudnt want to kiss ur partner with those teeth now dont u? So shut up and mind ur own bisness. GAY RIGHTSS!!! all the way.

p/s : Again this post has nuthing to do with our contiminated air supply.


Anonymous said...

dont spread the gay rights in Malaysia. every gay now in Malaysia can move one gonna terajang them. but dont be too obvious like expose in the public.

Diena Wong said...

that is why i dunnot link that particular blog. sheesh

Shuun said...

gay only small number in malaysia compare to pengkid/lesbo... But weird biler tgk golongan golongan pengkid nie bebas bercouple tanpa selindung and org tak cakap aper. Biler 2 lelaki jalan berdua bersama dah muler ckp mcm mcm jadik isu~!! Gay cover up their relationship compare peng yg lebih sker menunjuk2. Bkn nak kutuk maner maner pihak...cumer thats the truth. people tend to be more polite when approach compare to normal people. I salute them for that.

legendary apiske said...