Saturday, July 5, 2008

One piece.

It was not me who wrote the previous entry in case u guys were wondering. It was my subconscious mind who composed everything from the beginning until the end of it. Coz the normal fabulous me wouldnt even give a second thought of displaying such a strong emotion for the entire world to see. I guess my subconscious mind decided to take control after nestling itself for quite sometime now.And i glad it did. At least i dont have to pretend that everything is alrite.

Anyways, lets not living in the past.

Ive been wanting to post this so many days ago but i got stuck with work. I mean my whole social life have been entirely altered because of my practical. I got less and less time everyday with my virtual cyber space world.

So here it goes.

It has been my obligation to go back to my mom house located 20 minutes away from my place every week ever since i was a free bird. But as much as i miss my family I really dont like to go back to Monterez because I have nuthing to do there other than contemplating at the shiny flickering stars from my luxurious back deck of the house.I know ive been blessed with such a prefect life but I prefer to be at my shabby house full of unnecessary big pile of useless junk.

So last weeknights i was suffering from malignant bosanrism. Disease that only occurs whenever m not in front of the pc. I decided to polish one of many talent that i possess which is sewing.But of course , being a natural born super talented person i am , I dont see any practice is needed. That night I turned my plain grey topshop sweater to one of the world most treasured piece of shit.

So here is the end product of my super fine work after few episodes of Family Guy.Behold!

Ubber awesome eh?

And as usual , my doodling friends decided to infest my stuff. again!

So here is the model that came all the way from Brazil to wear my rare piece.

Oh, have to go now. Got President of Whatever Country in line 1 for me to attend to.



manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

hidup balik pun blog cik diena wong.

blog yang baru ni berlainan dari blog yg lama. matang.

tapi dulu much more better.


Shuun said...

nak mentol kuning yg chomel giler tue~!! >X3

candlelight said...

ingat kan komik one piece..

Eman said...

dem. sebelah tangan natang putih tu gayut kat situ. nak jadi doodling friends ko bleh? haha

Anonymous said...

best pew umah mak lu kat monterez tuh... tp sunyi dow... best lg umah kecik ko kat puchong tuh.. haha