Monday, July 28, 2008

No title is needed.

CHELSEA CHELSEAAAAA..i cant wait for tmrw game.

Baju kawen - checked
Hantaran - checked
cicin belah rotan - checked
cicin berlian sebesar tangerine - checked
winter clothes - checked
sambal tumis ikan bilis utk bawak kat uk - checked
visa and segala paperwork utk jadi p.r uk - checked


what else


some sense and a big knock on the head - unchecked

to Petr - I know u are few miles away from me.Just wait for me bebeh. Ill be there in ur sweaty huggy huggy.

Dah aku nak tido. kepala pening sebab mkn lasagna kat williams.too much cholestrol can altered ur sex drive entirely.


rage said...

dudette.. chelsea sucks.. seriously. whose ya into anyway? DROGBA?? lmao... REDS all the way seyh..

dw said...

fak u