Saturday, July 26, 2008

One of my Satanic Angel

She stands at merely 3"1'. She has the cutest uneven fringe hanging down at her forehead like a mistle toe .Her hair is like a handful strands of angel hair spaghetti that already been soft by hot temperature boiling water.Her face is like a newly wrapped candy, sweet and fresh.Unlike other big grown ups,she just had 3 proud birthdays through out her life.She got the most adorable smile because whenever she smiles she will display the hole between her baby teeths which is still waiting to be fill with a new concrete teeth .

Her blue pacifier is her loyal accessories which u can always see dangling on her neck.Her husky voice when talking and singing will make u even more unbearable for her cuteness and cheekiness. Her energy never seem to worn out even after all the running and laughing and crying or whatever toddlers do to occupied their time.She always act in the comical kind of way and doing what she does best,playing,making noise and chaos.This tiny homosapien is my youngest niece whom i called Elin. *and which until now i didnt even know her full birth given name"

So this morning,with my wildly unkempt hair and half open eyes i went downstairs and went straight to the tv/family room. I threw myself freely on the mattress which my mom purposely placed there for us;my sister,me and my two nieces to rest on.While i was about to doze of from the remaining of my drowsiness , she jittery came to me.

Sweat trickled hungrily down her newly powdered chubby cheek.She tilted her head and look up at me. Her eyes reflected a strong emotions of urgency. Both of her hands were at the middle lower part of her tiny body where the diaper was always put on in between her legs.She crouched down, bended herself like shes having a nasty stomach ache.She then stomped her feet and stampeded the whole colony of termite beneath the well polished wood-based mahagony floor.

The heavy overflowing secretion of natural drugs that coming out from my glands made me too lazy and less interested to entertain her tantrum. But as a responsible grown-up i pull myself from my wonder sweet dream land back to reality.I stood there infront of her. Rub my eyes to makes everything lucid again.She still seemed so anxious. She opened her tiny mouth and said.

Elin : iku iku iku *shortform from Taiku which means "first aunty" in Chinese"
Me : elin nak apeee niee..iku nak tido laa
Elin : *look at me and snickered* Cepat tlgg Elin..Elin nak terkencing da dalam pampers nie
Me : *Speechless and almost hang myself*

Isn't diapers designed to absorb pee? She makes me confuse.If she trying to buat lawak then her brain develop far beyond reach for her age,because for me , that's just brilliant. BUT if she was being really serious about it,then i have to go and bring her for check up.To tighten up any loose screw.

It turn out that, she just buat lawak and before that she even drenched her diapers with a stenchy orange juice.

Kids these days. *sigh*

Oh anyways, this Obvious Theory can be applied in ur daily life to make u look ,smell and appear mentally incapable of digesting simple information.Like this:

1."Hey u..whats the number for 911?"
2."Hey i got blood stained all over my maxi pad."
3."Your mother is a whore"
4."Mom,why is the man in the television always sleep? do we pay him to sleep?"
5."I feel so drunk after i drank one whole bottle of liqour. how is dat possible?"
6.(sile isi tempat kosong sebab gua da tade idea)



rage said...

lol.. cute. beb.. wa nak "chop" dak tu seyh.. dem.. i sounded like a god-damn pedophile.. lmfao..

dw said...

u bet u are