Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Embarking Journey To Remember

Once upon a time, not too long ago,approx about 48 hours back , there was an indolent girl from a magical enchanted kingdome being called OMGBBQKTHXBYE. This girl whom named shall not be mentioned here has a dream. A dream that can only be achieved if the ruler of her kingdome was not such a heavy sleeper. Her dream was to travel through time and space. Space travel is doable but in other hand, time travel is incapable of being accounted for explanation.

After months of heavy researched about space travelling,sleepless nites and uncertained doubts, she decided it was time to pursue her journey.So she packed all the things she thought necessary and loads of gold coins for her to squander later on.

And so she locked her shabby hut and paralyzed her pet cat with high dose of anaesthetic.Outside was a hand down donkey carriage her deceased father gave to her right before she had her first menstruation. She was now set for her long awaiting but poorly planned adventure.

She encountered one after another obstacles but she never seemed to gave up just yet.After 3 days on the road, she decided to make a stop and rest for awhile before continuing her journey.Her exhaustion was inexplicable.

She was half conscious when her donkey
*whom was now responded to "Apis" when being called* brought her to one town full of all sort of pollution. With her spared energy she brought herself to the window pane and was so surprised of the condition of this town. "I never thought of seeing this in my lifetime. Town full of smoggy and iron noisy creatures.Oh my!" She whispered softly so that only herself could catch every words being said.

She opened the creaky windows to have a visually clearer look of this unusual place.Grey smokes of harmful substance hungrily hurtled inside ,filling in the empty spaces inside her carriage. She suffocated and panted in deep grief.She was extremely exasperated by this situation.She shut the window quickly with her right leg. "I shall not ignore this.I shall expose this to everyone back home!". So she puts her hand inside her sack and rummaged thoroughly for a new device she bought that could captured a static image.She pointed the device and started to clicked relentlessly to everything that comes in her way.

After that she went to checked into one of the house rest she thought would be a decent place for spending a night in.After a brief moment in the toilet for hygienic purposes, she curled onto her bed and ready to end her day."But before that" she thought "I want to see those pictures again". She took the highly engineered device and started to go through the pictures. Images by images she gone through with a smile drawn on her face but suddenly her attention plastered in one of the images she took. This was the image of a digital signboard. A very big signboard with a peculiar words.So she posted this right now for everyone to look and ponder at.

So what might this "KUN" word means? Her head frowned showing an expression of critical thinking.

At first she thought of KUNci. But then again it doesnt makes sense. Why would a key be lying down waiting to be picked on the road. No this most not be it.

OR or it could be KUNta Kinte. Hmm no. He died. yeah He is not a fictionaly character kids. Not like Superman or Hell Boy.

Maybee KUNsa. eh supposed to be spelled KHUNsa. no. not this.

KUNta? no? nehhh..noo

KUNjing? a mystical creature with a dooey eyes? i dont think so.

Meet KUNcing. A good friend of KUNjing.

Atau KUNlang?

Or it might perhaps be a fast food. KUNdys? neh it doesnt sound right.

maybe KUN Fried Chicken. Thus the K. Nope. Next!

BerKUN? tak tak. nie bersin la.

THIS MUST BE IT. halKUN! kan kan? tak jugak? hmm

haaaaaa nie mesti betul . roKUN kan? hmm..

Her findings of this odd word almost come to no avail but suddenly it occured to her that maybe, just maybe,this kun word might be CONE! therefore KON in Malay.



ok tido. esok keje.

Disclaimer : I hope u guys enjoy reading this useless fairytales as much as i enjoy wasting my time doing it. SO U BETTER BE READING IT GODAMMIT! fuh. kthxbye.


net said...

what the ..

manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

arghh fuck...

mengalir air mata aku
kau memang nak kene tumbuk laju2 kat perut ni?!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha hamjadah!! *ilang ingatan*..

Dean said...

good post! enjoying this!

Siti NoorHidayah said...

lawak la dina..hui byk tul masa awk nak buat research utk Kun a.k.a kon ni..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

lol dis blog is funny with all the ridiculous made up story xD
really enjoy reading it :P

Diena Wong said...

thank u! hheheh

osycph said...

hai, saya donkey.. eeeyooorrr..

Anonymous said...

ko lupa letak satu lagi kun weh. KUNtilanak.


wan hussin said...

banyak masa buat research ni, congrats madam!
g YouTube type Little Britain Sebastian, dijamin best!

Dayana said...

The girl whose name won't be mentioned ke COULD NOT be mention?

Berbelit lidah nak sebut. Kalau boleh sebut la.

diena wong said...

tak tau ah weh..english aku mase kat skolah dulu hitam gile..


ko kan tau background aku..muke je cine..tapi....

Imran Yusof said...

nice post..
orang yg tulis KUN tu mesti fail BM time spm T.T..

farwina said...

oh my. this entry really tickle my armpit and throat and whereever can be tickled ! feel like want to pee already. haha. kelakar gile.

kudos kudos. more kudos for you later !

farwina =)

Amin said...

adoi. baca gelak sampai nangis