Monday, July 14, 2008

The story about a boy named Syah

I have been given a task/work/torture to do a 1000 cliparts of anything that terlintas di pikiran.So imagine sitting there in sedentary position for 8 hours playing with illustrator.Fun aint it?

Anyways, i am here to tell u about my friend who I used to called Syah. I went to secondary school with Syah back in the year 2001. Syah was a very bright and promising boy.He was the head Chess Club , Tea Club to name a few. He also used to tutored me on Kemahiran Hidup and Biology at the canteen during class break.

And to be frank , I used to have huge crush on him back then. I couldnt even bare looking into his sparkling eyes without getting lost. This may sound a little bit sick to normal ppl but I used to sniff the back of his hair just to get a hint of smell of his brandless shampoo. Heck , I even carved my initials and his with a big heart pierced by a stick arrows at the middle of our names on a surface of the big tree behind my house. But i had a guts of a germ to make a confession to him. I'd rather be stalking behind him than revealing my true feelings. Because god knows what might happened if i got rejected. This story might have not be told if i confessed to him.

Our friendship went smoothly until he started to be friend with the bad bananas. At first it was just a friendly hye and bye with those rotten kids , but then he started to hangout with them until the wee morning. He didnt want to lepak with me anymore. He always ignored my phone calls. We didnt walked to school together like we used to everyday.Our relationship gradually drifted apart. I was alone,lost and devastated.

Day by day his reputation become worst. He has been expelled from school because he tried to grabbed one of the cleaners sagging boobs. But his eyes never showed any regrets. I guess he still has the credibility as a leader because he was now a Head of the rebellious motorist. His gang would normally cruised around the neighbourhood making sound pollution, messing around with chicks and many other bad things.

But all the glorious day did not last long because he experienced a very terrible accident while he was racing with other motorist from other districts of the town. He punctured his lung,broken his left leg and disfigured his cute face.Altho i resented every single thing he has done to me but I cant bring myself to abandoned and let him drown in the sea of loserness alone. I was with him during his recovery period. I nursed him until he was able to stand using his wooden leg.

One day I arrived at his doorstep bringing his favorite laksam because i already promised him that i would cook for him in occasion of celebrating his 52 steps using the artificial leg. But to my surprised he was no where to be seen. I searched for him at every corner of the house only to found a piece of note saying that hes leaving for a country full black color ppl. He also stated that he was making a right decision by migrating there because there was nothing left anymore for him here. He thanked me for being he only true friend and he hoped that we could reunite again one fine day.I stood there inanimately. Expected tears coming out from the corner of my eyes and drew a lines on my rosy cheeks which was heavily powdered with bootleg Maybelline product.

Suddenly my 3g phone vibrated implying that i had a text msg coming in. It was him. He texted me

Him :

Sry babe, I gtg. It for my own good

Me :

Bt y nw? Sape nk mkn laksam ni? Whr r u nw?

Him :

M on the bike odw to the promising land of blackness.

Me :

U got to be kidding me. How can u be texting while riding?

Him :

Kenape tak caye ke? I am u know i am.

Me :

Can u share credit with me. M running low rite now. Duit da habis beli ingredients nak buat laksam u

Him :

OK jap...tu suruh buat activ5 tanak..nyusahkan sial ko nie

tet tet tet *bunyik msg*

Maxis :

012-1223345 has shared Rm5 with u. Enjoy sucka!

Me :

Ckp la betul2..takkan la u bawak motor pastu nak text lagi..i tak percaye u..i tk percayeee

Him :

Tak caye sudahhh!!! i cakap betul nie tau takk...ahhhhhhhhh..dnt u ever talk 2 me again! bitch! sundal! pantat rempit! go 2 hell u ungrateful half-breed.I dont ever 1 2 c n hear from u again!!

I didnt reply after his last text to me.I was shocked of his harsh words towards me. I was crying and crying for the next 4 months.

So that was the last time i ever heard from him until this morning when my friend forwarded to me a video of a very familiar gesture and posture.





He still got the trick up on his sleeve. I cant believe my eyes. Is this true? Is this even possible? I dont know. The blur line between reality and fantasy has become even blurer. So i attached this video here for ur viewing pleasure.

Now i know that he didnt lied to me. I regret not replying his text and wasting the rest of his shared credit to ON PANAS ke 33338. Hmmm..

Well i guess it is time for me to pen off now. Till then.

P/s : This is again another story i made up based on my vibrant imaginations. Nuthing to do with my past , present or my coming future.

P/s lagi : Kebosanan has bring me to the verge of excessive merepekness. So I am here to congratulate u if u have reached to this very line. Thank u for u patienceness. May god bless ur unborned child with a good genes u never inherited from ur parents


wan hussin said...

cerit saspen! mati2 ingat itu real.
gelak2 pecah perut kene tipu... ahaks!

aRe You? said...

kebangangan melanda...aku punye ah pk..syah mane..class mane n aku knal ke x!!ingatkan syahiran or sesape..siutt!!!!

Anonymous said...

creative... bagus

Anonymous said...

imaginasi tahap kritikal...

Anonymous said...

muntah idea. tak dapat disekat..hahhaa


barb said...

agak agak aku bleh tak buat cam tuh ngan motor elegan aku....hrmmmmm

Diena Wong said...

bole la..kalau ko ade balance yg hebat..kalau tak..abaikan

Anonymous said...

your words are crying out loud

Anonymous said...

ko la scripwriter paling berjaya abad ni.


Anonymous said...

*scriptwriter. heheh


Sets said...

can't believe i got fucking plastered with that bullshit.. nice going, i couldn't hold back the abdominal pain inducing laughters

Diena wong said...

Sets :

it wasnt suppose to be funny u know. *hold laughs*

tira :
tanak aku jadi skripriter. duit sikit. hhahhaa

Anonymous said...

diena, aku tau kau comel dan tahap imaginasi kau sangat wild. tapi arini aku terlampau mengantuk, maka aku nak tido dulu. nanti aku baca.

btw, gambar kau scary dowh. cuba kau try buat muka ala ala perempuan melayu terakhir. mesti umph i tell you.

baiklah sampai disini sahaja.

selamat malam dunia!

Anonymous said...

hanya budak terencat aje bleh ada ability ni.... im so sorry to hear that...


Imran Yusof said...

wa kena beb.. T.T

p/s: tahun 2001 da ada sms ON PANAS ke?? :P