Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jakadung Trip in Brief.

Hello Malaysia ,
Phewww it has been one hellava crazy and awesome weekend for us , me , hafiq , apis and nur in Jakadung (that is Jakarta and Bandung merged together).

It was tremendously filled with fun , laughter , and countless night of Indonesian show that was awkward but interesting enough for me and hafiq to be plastered until the end of the show. Dont get me started on the fooooodd. I now have different perception for Indonesia ,my view of the country had changed entirely from partially-negative to fully-positive and this was because everything is reasonably cheap out there. We are practically god of money and spending there has no value on us. Well , that only happened for the 1st few days though until our supply of money gradually subsided into zero. Hahahhaha. Heh , shopping has never been so rewarding either. I came back with 2 full shit loaded bag with new clothes and stuff that i know will nestled in the back of my closet forever.

But then mummy and baba came into the rescue! yay! ahah they came to Bandung and stayed in the same hotel as we were and money once again seemed like a pebbles where u just throw away valueless. Hahahha cakap cam org kaya , poyo gila nak mati. Tapi biar ahhhh , let me have my week of lupa daratan because now i have reverting back to my old self where everything is mediocre and spending money is limited. Its ok , Bandung trip can happen again any day.

p/s : thanks to fikry who bawak kiterang jalan2 dan makan kat kedai cheese generous. u were a great help and a good friend. we are grateful to have u as a guidance. apa2 pun jaga upper bloodline gua elok2. hahhaha

Since i am so lazy and uploading pictures would take forever because theres a shitload of it , so i just upload pictures of food instead of the whole trip. Dont be hungry in the process yeah , coz i know i will.

And lastly......


Just_najmiE said...

omg, the foods look delicious!!.. saliva hitting the floor as I type this.. hohoho..

Anonymous said...

i tot i saw u the other subang parade..
maybe lookalike kot

MyKy said...

aduuuuuuuh... /dw/ boleh fight ngan flizzardo dalam bitching