Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Facelift and Bladerdash

Hello dearest reader,

Wohoooo new layout. Not mine tho but i really like it. Well i just got my period today , no wonder things has been jumbling up and down recently. Pity those around me especially Hafiq. Woman is a complicated creature. Life is way too boring and mundane when everything is logical. Everything has to be ying and yang.

I am so hungry i could eat a giant horse.

I am so bored i have the potential of being a saiko killer. or raper. or eater. I want to be a serious eating machine.

I am so idle , even a fly couldnt detect me as a human.

I am so calm sometime when i walk into a brawl everyone stop moving and confess their sin to me.

I am so null , even number zero praise me for being an ultimate absence of everything.

I am so deprived , everything that comes in contact with me will bounce back to their original position.

I am so pale , i even convinced myself i was bedridden all this while.

I am so confused , every morning i gotta check whats in the drawer and each time i was relived that i am still a girl.

Haih , see whats bosanrism do to ur mind. It messed ur life entirely . virtually and reality. All mixed up in this tiny bag of surrealism.


Anonymous said...

period or not. i'd still hit it you know.

cikudi said...

u are diskasting mr