Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fat little sea creature

I feel kindda weird saying this but i think this obese sea creature is cute. Not super cute cute but cute in a peculiar way i think. He is like straight from a carefully structured 3D character. Poor fella is pale maybe for the lack of vege in his diet. Im confuse , is this a whale or dolphin? It is too small to be a whale but on the other hand , it is too big to be a dolphin. Maybe something in between perhaps? And look at those little fin , how can he paddle with that fin , can he even move from one place to another? Awww cute little fat somekind of god's creation.

Anyyywhooooo, today is gonna be yet another boring day for me. I think m gonna design some tee for my blogshop , then again i could choose to laze around as usual.

Bye bye now , gotta get ready to bring popo to the dentist. I ought to go as well but i am afraid as hell.


wantuutri said...

its a super fat dolphin!

Anonymous said...

it's a beluga... :p