Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter did not dissapoint me

I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Sunway Pyramid just now. The movie was exactly how i pictured it would be from the book itself. Although many scenes didnt made the cut into the movie but it was one hellava good condensed movie despite what everyone said about it being half-good than the previous episode. I like it tho , then again u can give me any movie and i'd say good too because not only i admire the work of art but i also appreciate the effort behind the making of it even if it was shitty as hell.

I dont want to write anymore because hafiq keep sneaking behind my back and discreetly reading this very line i write , anddd nowwww he just kissed me on the forehead and said "that sound so wrongg" with a cynical laugh. "oooo baby thats good" he says while passionately digging his ear lobe with his last stick of cotton bud. "ala sayanggg come to bed" he whispers to me in this dimp lit room with a cheeky smile and a dreamy eye , luring me into his comfy area. Despite all that ,i keep writing on every motion that he makes , judging every inch when he moves and anticipating what is next on his mind.

and now he is getting pissed off with what m doing, narrating his moves.

"FINE" he utters in apprehension.

errr i better go now. till then.

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