Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another trip

Why do those suicide bombers have to ruined my vacation? U may a little bit made me fear in exploring Jakarta but u could never take Bandung away from me. Stupid dignity-defender.

Anyways , ive been waiting so long for this trip because i never been to bandung nor jakarta before. I heard they still practice cannibalism there , no? Hahahh. errr.

I have to get moving on 0600 a.m but m still here writing this very nonsense to make u guys JEALOUSSSSSS of me. ha ha.

ok bye nak tido.

i wish my self all the best and may i be surround by awesomeness all the time.


Norman Sinclair said...

adik pompwan aku ade kat bandung jgk skrg!!

Anonymous said...

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