Thursday, August 13, 2009

My perception towards life and Graduation Pictures.

Hello hello mello dearest reader ,
I feel kindda foreign writing this very own post , not only because ive been anti-presence in blogsphere for quite sometime but also the guilt im experiencing right now for not being able to memorize my password for this account. A cow would have a greater chance in scoring straight A's than i do.

Anyways , i just graduated on Monday 100809. For once i felt like ive become a real person , although of course my future doesnt depend on this piece of paper , but it seemed that all my hard work , countless sleepless night, all the anxiety i ever felt whenever the lecturer called upon my name for presentation (mind u , i have stage fright. an ultimate one while at it) , all the cash withdrawal for assignment , everything from day one sum up in this great amazing , rewarding , satisfying day of our convocation. I swear i almost puke on my way to the big stage to received my scroll. I have uncontrollable stage fright. i kid u not.

Now i am still considering in possibilities and options on what i want to do with my life. Be it pursuing my master or looking for a job or starting my own business. I love study but in the same time i wanna experience the working life of adulthood , but that would mean murdering the precious element of my life which i called Diena's Free Time- All the time. But in the same time , i want to step out of my comfort zone , battling in the field of vicious corporate slave , challenging myself to a certain degree out of my reach.

But for now , finishing all my tv series is my priority. Job can wait , after all im a girl , give me a handsome prince with a shitload of gold and i'd survive for 3 generations any day. Then again , something as impossible as that only seemed realistic when im venturing in my slumberland. I have to get myself a self-motivated book. Binging on self-degradation is not healthy.

Anyways , enjoy the graduation pics that hafiq took . Hogging behind my back , coz i know its tempting kan syg? hahaha


Just_najmiE said...

congratulations!!.. (^^,)

cikudi said...

thank uuu!!

saya bibah said...

bile aku nak convo plak ni?;)

pankaj said...

congratz....nice blog, nice graduation, nice life you have