Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slow Sunday

Here i am , in my bf's room doing nuthing but browsing to the same ol same ol content on the internet. Funny to say this but , internet has become alarmingly boring nowadays , or that is just me. I havent go to cekidaut any uni for my master yet , simply because i was lazy and the thought of continuing the responsibility of maintaining the grade and coping up with all those written assignment keep halting me back. I mean i really want to further my study but i dont think m ready yet. Boring syndrome is hitting me really bad right here right now.

Haih. Such a waste for this sunday to pass by just like that.

I wish i had more money so that i could go travel all around the world.

but then maybe not , because traveling nowadays is open to all kind of threats , especially with all this ruckus about H1N1 disease. And i have a weak mentality where i just succumb to all the information media cast upon us.

Anywaysssss, i cant wait to go to bandung and jakarta next next week. wohoooo~ shopping time!
After that graduation and only after that i will start considering seriously about my path of life. Until then , all future plans is on put idle.

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MyKy said...

internet is boring because i'm not in /k/