Sunday, July 12, 2009

Me made with lines. only thats not my hair.

Such a miraculous digital beauty aint it? Paan did it for me and i didnt even know it right until he tagged me at facebook. I swear he made me look far far better than the real me , after all thats what digital manipulation are for. I didnt know he was thisss good at vectoring. Thanks paan! ko mmg pandai mencuri hati aku. kaple jom? hahhaha.

Anyways , i just came back from makan session with hafiq's and his parents. Papa is too attached with GPS its like almost two timing mama unintentionally. Hahah.

Ok i am so full i think i need to do extra 2 laps tomorrow , which gonna add up to , hmm 5 laps? is that even consider an exercise ? I am such a lazy bum bum.

p/s : i love writing. but sadly , writing doesnt love me. pathetic aint it?


Anonymous said...

i'd hit it.

nab said...

"kaple jom?" << haha tak leh blah