Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me being happy with my new buttonless buddy.

Hey boys and girls,

I feel like its been ages since the last time i posted here. Ive been really busy with I Shirt You Not. The support and feedback is sooo overwhelming ,i sometime forget that it all just started less than 2 weeks back. Its so tiring but also exhilarating at the same time. Sometime i dont know what to feel because the excitement is so overflowing. Sometime my invisible genderless physician said that i need to calm down. I DONT PAY YOU GOD DAMN MONEY FOR YOU TO SAY THINGS THAT I DONT WANT TO HEAR!! U HEAR ME, HEAR MEEE??? U WANT BLOOD I GIVE U BLOOD! WHAT MORE DO U WANT FROM ME?!

Ohh kayyy, thats kindda awkward. I didnt said that out loud didnt i? Oh i did? Heck , why they hell should i care.

Anyways , even life seem to be hectic and partially organized , i do get bored sometime. Doing this pengangguran thing is not as fun as i tot it would be. I ought to find a job before pursuing my master. BECAUSE ITS FREAKING HELL BORED WHEN U HAVE NO DIRECTION IN LIFE!

Mind the caps , i really feel like shouting right now . My hormones is crazy and playing a joy ride on a see-saw right now , up down up down , as imbalance as it sound. Sometime i think god implemented period on woman because for us girl to use it as a deadly unseen , untold, known-by-nature weapon to make man afraid of us , that mute intensify fear and apprehension that is almost shown on their visage. And thats boy , emerged a saying like "the hands that cradle the baby rock the world" or something like that. I phailed literature during high school anyways.

On a totally unrelated topic,
Many many many weeks ago , more like less than 3 weeks back , i decided to changed my also-new Samsung golden flip phone to a more newer phone. Just so u know that i never fancy or have any flaming lust for touch screen phone because i dont see any relevant behind a phone that have no button. What is the meaning of texting if u cant feel the texture or enjoying the brutally tapping sound u make on the phone while doing it. But then i brace, prepare myself inside and out and embrace to this new beauty of Nokia 5800. And this change a whole lot of my orthodox perception towards touch screen phone once and for all.

At first i only wanted to purchase this phone because of Garmin GPS software because heh , face it , i always get lost even in my own neighborhood but then i realized that this phone has a lot more potential than i think it was. So yeah , so far m quite happy with it. Its like owning an iPhone , only better because ppl dont stare at u and simply passing judgment whether u deserved to own an iPhone or not.

my old samsung phone . already owned by an anonymous chinese boi.

this phone was kindda cool actualy. it such a shame i have to let it go. be good baby!

i should shed some weight should i? yeah i should.

i was this close to running off with the phone but then i remember that i havent graduated yet. maybe sometime apek , sometime.

hello new baby! come to mama. be silent in bed tonight coz motion makes me happy.

p/s : I dont really use Garmin anyways because she always direct me to unnecessary road. stupid sexy attractive voice. sheesh.

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MyKy said...

'be silent in the bed tonight coz motion make me happy'

hmmmm.... wild imagination starts to run