Friday, July 3, 2009

I swear my butt was inches away from the water.

Hello and good evening to my fellow almost decreasing reader,

Hmm, well i have nothing to write about really. Life has been so rapidly progressive. Its like everything is moving literally at the pace of blurry motion , or that could just be because i have once again neglected to force my self to the optician for curing my detrimental vision condition.

I used to think that 24 hours was freaking long , I mean why cant we have only 3 hours a day and a night, wouldnt it be great going to school that lasted no more than 30 minutes. But then again every school hormone raging teens/kids would feel the same ways , and it would not change even a notion bit, not with your same ol same ol i-see-no-future-in-you perception that teacher usually have towards the pupils.

But now, sheessh! i wish the day would stretch more longer that it already written on the law book of universe. Too many work to be done , toooo little time on a side. Sometimes i have a hard time deciding which one is more important where both of them are my top priority. I could easily mini-maini-mo the options with both eyes closed but then this isnt an History high school paper where the worst that could happen was just another grader lower , this is life for heaven sake.

I thought that when im done with degree i'd have more time for my self. Go to spa on an idle Tuesday afternoon , woke up late on Wednesday only to find out that there is another 2 hours left before the day settle itself , watching series after series that i diligently downloaded from the net and of course playing kites on the windy Saturday morning. But my schedule had entirely become more chaotic than it was before. I dont even have time to blog relentlessly like i used to.

OK Done with the rant.

Anyways , i just came back from Thailand. I didnt captured that many pictures to be publish here but i do have some interesting pictures taken on this beautifully structured restaurant. It is located somewhere in Danok. This was the first time i had ever encountered such dining place before. It was a refreshing experience i would say. Hut after hut arranged in curvy manner just inches above the lake. Yes u are virtually floating while dining and the way they serve their food was kindda unique because an actual boat will be approaching your hut with dishes that u initially ordered. And oh! u can actually sleep as well because there are bunch of pillows already scattered around the hut just waiting for ur head to be mounted on them. The food is uber delicious too , if only the price werent that expensive.

Let these picture do the talk coz the finger aint typing no more.