Friday, July 17, 2009

Cleaning out my closet

Hello dearest you,
I am so proud of myself today , because today , not like any other day where i just being useless and counter-productive , i cleaned out my almost-look-like-a-dumpster closet. Lets stroll into a pavement of pictures down here.

there are still couple of bag with clean clothes that i still didnt put in the closet. its been there for like almost 2 weeks.

notice mickey bag down there? it filled with shit load of old clothes that i put away many many time ago.

selective of jeans hanged crowdedly beside each other.

my never or almost used pyjamas pants. as u can see , there is a theme developing there where most of my pants are pink in kaler. its cute eyh? no? heh at least i think it is.

more clothes.

Sometime i wonder , do i really need this much of undergarments?

see those bags under mickey? those two are double shit loaded with cloth as well.

my pants area. as u can see , it doesnt look like a pants area at all.

After 40 minutes or so, YAY! finished cleaning outtt

another bag of old , sad ,unloved and unused cloth that m gonna donate it later. M such a good girl am i?

Hahahha. this little fella has been out there for about 3 days now. I dont even bother to take him in. Oh , he is outside because i spilt milo on him and have do dry him so i put him outside and i guess i just entirely forget about him until today.

But still ,i left him outside. Poor little soulless guy

So , that was pretty much what i did today beside scrabbling at facebook , eating mee sedap that was not sedap at all , chatting and basuh toilet papa. I am such a good girl today.

p/s : i unintentionally killed a lizard with a hot water today. i hate lizard. i hate gecko. bluergh

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Hanim Amron said...

demn. bnyk baju! aah. nih yg nk shopping nih.. aaaah..