Friday, January 30, 2009

The Could Be The Last One. Or not

Hello , hi and all sorts of greets from 10 different languages including the one you could never pronounce fluently no matter how hard u roll ur tongue.

I'm sorry for my void in writing lately. Its not that i dont want to write or update anything , i love to write ,u dear readers out of many ppls shud know dat writing is my passion. But sometimes when ur mind is somewhere else , and ur body seem to be involuntarily lazy , and day by day seem to pass by sombrely , u have no choice other then to just unwillingly release and surrender urself to the situation.

oh my, i've become increasingly vapid and blatanly uninteresting. I think m gonna stop writing for awhile. maybe just a little while. i have to focus on things , have to prioritize which is which.

Really really have to organize and untwine my strands of complicated thoughts or else..

sigh.i hope this is just temporary.

p/s : writers block really bitchsucksweetballsofhorsefly! i am really in distress , can somebody help me?


wan hussin said...

please dont stop...

*sob sob* :(

cikudi said...

m not stopping.


resting for awhile. my fingers need that..haha..

oh and my brain as well.