Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Unsettling Thoughts

I still doing my thesis.

I am hungry.

Like super starving it almost form a big hole in my stomach just to illustrate how hungry i am.

So i contemplate on the options that i have.

Cook? what is there to cook other then dust , various type of bugs and expired salt?

So no, cook is out of the picture.

Mamak? bluerh~ just the tot of that unwashed hairy colored hand make me die a little bit inside. not to mention the same shade of the lauk that could result in unsettling constipation.

HAAA! suddenly a thought occured my mind. why not delivery?

Its been awhile that i havent experience the delightful taste of Big Mac.

but then i remember that







US Product.


never have i thought this day would come where i have to boycott my necessities.

abeh tu aku nak makan apa?

nak gosok gigi pun tak bole gune colgate? kayu sugi plak payah nak cari?

wonderbra ngan victoria secret pun tak bole nak pakai. abeh tu tarikan graviti kat tities nie sape nak jawab?

bole ke aku dgr lagu2 dari Panic of the disco? her space holiday? ataupun james morrison?

ticket Jason Mraz yg aku da beli nie takkan nak koyak?

Alahai Us..kenape la ko jadi dalang, menyusahkan idop la sial!

nie sume pengaruh mami suruh boikot us dollars.

Mummy : kita kene cinta keamanan! boikot us product. kakak jgn isap marlboro lagi. isap dunhill.

at least mak aku bagi aku isap rokok lagi. haih.

p/s : aku tgh lapa nie. tlg!

1 comment:

queen bee said...

Almaboro no....Mami dah beli
curut Burma untuk baby kesayangan
mami..kalau kawan kakak nak, bolih
sedekah lah kat depa sekali..