Friday, January 16, 2009

The Rendition from Another Iota of My Imaginations

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

maybe near the sunshine or beside a shadeless rainbow where not even a single leprachoun would wanna put their pot of sparkling gold anywhere nearby.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

hopefully 2 minutes away from the nearest bakery so i could smell the freshly baked buns first thing in the morning. Or maybe 30 steps away from the candy factory where i could just sit there , on the bench , and just eye on the brilliantly colorful preservative being added on the candies through the glass windows. Maybe i could fish out some marshmallow on my way back , just in case i have nothing to eat for breakfast the next morning.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

probably far far away from the land full of hatred , trepidations and apprehension and adversity. Far far away from the bad people , from the bad people who appeared to be a saint , or a saint who portray the satanic side of themselves. Maybe far far away from the one who thought that the world is the shape of a square or perhaps far far away from the people who concretely believe that an apple is actually a reincarnation of a forbidden elixir that could bring a decease form back to life.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

I wanna be on top of the roller coaster , where the peak of the rail doesn't frightened the hell out of me anymore. I wanna be able to look down and smile in satisfaction. I wanna be able to overcome my fear of height. I want people to look up to me. I want people to awe in amazement. "Hey look , that is one brave girl" one would say while pointing their index finger to my direction.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

I wanna be where i am truly appreciated. Where everything i do will get credited , where every single thing i say will be taken seriously , where i don't have to fake a smile , where people come to me for advice , where I'd be the wise one , where i could do something to help those who had difficulties in handling their life.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

No no , definitely not where people see me as an average Jane. Not where people doesn't know my name , not where everything i do go down the drain. Especially not where i would be easily brake down in tears in my solitary existence. Not where i would be easily hurt , not where i would be easily betrayed , not where my trust would be facilely violated.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

I wanna wake up beside the one who stole my heart , and never giving it back to me. The one who when curving up his mouth would straightened up all the problems that occupying my mind. The one who would just sit there and just listen to all my nonsenses and bullshits. The one who would hug me so tight and protect me from all the dreadful monstrosity of the outside world.

Where would i wanna be when i grow up?

i wanna be on the moon. Fly up up up high to the sky until i could touch the edge of the pointy glistering star. I wanna see if theres any autumn leafs flying rhythmically to the unheard sound of nature up in Planet Mars. I wanna witness the wonderful extraordinary sight of the blasting supernova. The endless beauty of the Milky Way i would want to observe. to the moon to the moon.

Brace yourself for yet another unprepared performance of a multitasking girl.

p/s : diena buat thesis please. jgn nak tulis bende merepek2 lagi. awak tanak grad ke tahun nie? *demn u , the voice inside my head. pfffttt!!!!*


syimir cool said...

ko siap setting rambut baik, mekap skali kan utk record video ko sendiri.

cikudi said...

ko da salah anggap doh..sebab aku baru pulang dari berjalan2 di kota. jalan2 kota kene la mekap bagai.

aRe You? said...

hahahaa...ko nak grow up sume tempat tinggi.adekah sebab keadaan fizikal ko skang?aku malas nak state kan.wuarghahahahaa...mane fairy tales yang kau janjikan!!!!

weezerdaszausic said...

dedicated to me? :P