Monday, January 12, 2009

The Confession of Wrong Doing

She went through 9 full moon of months carrying me in a state of discomfort , distress , uneasy , prickly and agonizing moments of maternity. (and 10 days extra as if those 9 months wasnt painful enuff)

She has to go another almost a month to recovered after squeezing me through the tunnel of her fallopian tube.

She lactated for me, willingly letting her system being unbalanced for the sake of feeding my little mouth for the natural produced body milk.

She is the one and only my MUMMY!

apart for being an awesome mom , she is also a/n

outstanding cooker! like super srsly! i could eat a whole horse if she ever grilled em.

a great money supplier. hahahhaa~ like truly ever really. i am spoil , rotten to the very deepest core of my ground.

an intelligent woman. she could dictates the whole colony of guerrilla if given a chance.

more like a friends rather than a progenitor to me. we talk about almost everything. like the whole context of conversation that should be forbidden being discussed between a daughter and her mother.

She is , without the slightest hint of doubt , the most understanding woman towards her children i had ever encountered. She comprehend to almost over every single things that i've done or planning on doing.

So the story starts here.not here down one line from here

So that morning, my whole sibs , nieces and my mom went to breakfast at this one kedai kampung near our house. After 20 minutes or so of our morning chow down, we went to buy some groceries for our almost dried up kitchen.Abg and the rest waited in the car while my mom and i went to the close area of what supposedly to be a wet market where the smells arent exactly similiar to the taste of a shadeless rainbow . On the way to the wet market , we passed by this kedai toto/kedai nombor/judi/taruh nasib and suddenly

si aku : mummy, kalau kakak cakap nie mummy jgn marah k
mak diena : ape die?
si aku : hmm..kakak dulu pernah beli nomborr~~ (cakap ngan nada girang supaya it sounds like it was nuthing but i swear my voice was shaking)
mak diena : hehehe (her giggles made my system of anxiety brokedown went back to normal) mummy cakap ni pun kakak jgn marah tau.
si aku : ape ape ape??
mak diena : mummy dulu pun pernah beli jugak utk datin xxxx (bkn name sebenar). mummy tlg belikan je!
si aku : hehehhehe

m.o.t.s.i : lain kali kalau buat jahat or silap ngaku je kat mak. mungkin die akan marah dan mungkin jugak die akan memahami , itu pun kalau korang dapat mak cam mak aku. kalau tak , good luck brother bear!

p/s : my mom is sooooo coool she could melted the entire iceberg's population on the surface of what issit called again? atlantic ocean? artic ocean? i dont know i realy truly phailed geography in high school. i love u mummy!!


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