Friday, January 23, 2009

The Redish Oriented Festive

People often ask me whether i celebrate CNY or not.

the answer is YES! i do, but not so much anymore. In fact when chinese new yeah is around the corner, i feel kindda guilty. because believe it or not , i dislike it !


too much red! it hurts my eyes wherever i go. and not to mention the distracting high pitch cny song that would literally kill a horse. suicidal seh! my chinese ancestors are so gonna choke me to death tonite. then again , who cares, they dont even know my name. HAHHAHAHA!!

so anyways, GONG XI FA CHAI to all my chinese friend , cousin , aunt and uncle dan kepada mereke2 yg ade pertalian darah cinun dgn dirikun

p/s : thanks to papa who never failed to give me money , both on raya and cny. hahahha!! kalau die ade campur india mesti aku nie akan jadi ambasodor masyarakat majmuk.

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kaznessrocks said...

abistu aku la ambasodor masyarakat majmuk. cina india melayu sume ada siot. im like the whole of malaysia.