Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lonesome of Pure Heart

For the things ive done wrong ,
on bended knees , full-hearted , without any doubt , i say , m sorry

For the things that i never quite say it clear,
keep inside in this close heart ,bootless to say it on stage , in here i slum myself , without knowing how to start.

For the way u treated me , wrong , good or merely unintended with or without say , action or thoughts,
again ,nay saying that thee is villain , but just a meekly stirred in mind , for that i forgave u.

For the bleed thee caused , the tears streaming down ,the pain dear oneself put through
and because of that , i begged mercifully upon creator , so that thou wouldn't be punish.

Sliding smoothly through tongue , giving pretty words , incomparable with hers , sphery eyne of mine,
utter sweet cherries love , tougher than cupid's spirits golden arrow,
and with that , i pledged my troth , the troth that thou betrayed , violated then at the back of my spine ,

for that i forgave.
with dove's beak bringing greens , i forgave.
those serpent tongue of thine , i forgave.
those mimic truest wink of dear prince of thou , i forgave.

but dont continue, the pain has to end 'ere.
repent. redeem. reconcile.

p/s : classic literature would compensate the lack of inches in ur pants. so start reading one and who knows u might scored urself a nymph.

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