Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Tagging Game - 25 Random things u shudnt or shud know about me.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Sometimes , my hand , particularly my fingers think faster than my brain when typing on a keyboard which result in severe case of typo.

2. and that apply to my mouth as well.u know when ur mouth do the thinking while conversing with other ppl , u tend to create new unusual vocabulary , or better yet known as caipo (salah type = typo , salah cakap = caipo. geddit? if not please put ur brain in microwave and heat it for 5 minutes,and when its done u can dip it in mayonnaise and savor every single piece of ur idiotic brain cells)

3.I love sleeping. Dont get me wrong , m not lazy. I love sleeping because i enjoy dreaming . its like another form of entertainment for me because every single dream is different from another.I used to force myself to sleep just to get into my dreamy slumeberland. still am actually. i know its sound saikotik , but i cant help myself! grrr. kroihhhh

4. The winamp , or any things producing sound has to be shut off when m writing or else i cant hear myself thinking. i have low tolerance in focusing.

5. I am an avid torrent downloader. i have tons and tons of movies , tv series and anime. i know its wrong but I CANT HELP MYSELF! and its free! well technically its not because i have to pay for the internet and phone bill but i dont mind because what is that comparing to the satisfaction i get whenever i see one of my movies completed.sick yeah i know. the different between me and those penjual dvd is that , err..i dont know how to speak chinese?

6. When one of the apek/amoi penjual dvd offered me their dvd , this is wat i usually do,
1. i will show interest in buying their dvd
2. discreetly flip on my phone
3. act like m gonna text somebody
4. tapi sebenarnye aku just amek title movie yg baru je pastu balik download torrent. hahhahahahhaha.

7. I am allergic to numbers.Never did well on maths. Calculator is just a toy to me. an expensive well engineered toy that i dont have fun with while playing.

8. When i was small , i thought that KL Tower was a space ship.i shit u not.

9. I've been dumped twice for another girls before. Girls who werent half as good as me. Then again m glad all that happened or else i'd endup with a jerk right now.

10. I got my first mobile phone when i was 14. Back then , i only allowed to reload once a month. So yeah lots of miss calling other ppls phone so that they wud call me back.

11. i kindda intrique with the idea of true love. but doesnt quite believe innit because when every time im in a relationship (i had 3 previous failed r'ship before) i often feel like they are the one , the true love ive been searching for , my other half who complete me and this confuse me because arent we suppose to have just ONE true love in our life? correct me if m wrong but then again , this topic is subjective.

12. Thanks to Pet Society Application , i can now have the closet things i called pet who i can ignore mindlessly, never expired , doesnt stink and drink champagne?

13. I am getting annoyed by this and its not even 15 yet. Asal aku rase cam terobliged je buat bende nie. cam rase kene denda kat skolah , slagi tak siap tak bole balik. baik cikgu!

14. U know when u were young , ur head was always occupied with all this whimsical imaginations? mine too. when i was about,hmm 5 6 or 7 or 8 , ok 8 was old enough to think logically where is the rain come from , not scientifically but yeah it came from the cloud. But long before the logical thinking about how nature works , i used to think that whenever its raining there was a duel between god and Satan. why is dat? because the sound of thunder make me believed that god is throwing the thunder to repel Satan and to make things much more convincing then they already are , i also thought those millions drops from the sky was actually god's sweat. Peluh tuhan. apakah? i have such a disturbing mind while i was growing up which kindda scared me right now.

15.My full name is Nor Dayana Wong Bte Mohd Zaini Wong. I had several change in name before i settled for diena. People used to called me dayana back then but it was too long to pronounce so ppl called me Dai which derived from dayana, but calling a person Dai isnt exactly the nicest thing to do. U dont call ppl DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE everyday and expect them to live the next morning dont u. its rude and it make u look like a deaf person everytime u say it , the louder the retarder. So after that ppl called me by deyna , which sound more nicer and friskier. So yeah i dont know where diena came from , but u get the picture.

16. I love to read. I read book extensively. I can read book as thick as two yellow pages put together. I have books almost everywhere i go , i even have a book shelf in my toilet.

17. I got influence easily by reading so usually my current reading reflects on my writing. So u know what kind of book m reading from my writing. yes usually crap , and corny cliche love story.

18. Exaggerating on writing is the ability i develop and diligently maintain through out these past year. I can write 3 full pages back and front about 5 first minutes of my morning.

19. My routine of the day :
1. try to sleep again just to continue my dream.
2. check my phone to see whether ppl still remember me
3. stretch and sometimes i check whether m still a girl or not.
4. walk lazily to the computer area , turn on my monitor
5. drink water to get rid of the bad taste morning breath in my mouth
6. check on my torrent to see how many movie had completed
7. fesbuking

20. I love sniffing at the unburned candles.I love perfume shop , i can just stand there and sniff perfume after perfume until the shopkeeper give me this cynical deadly look , then only ill be gone.

21. I eat almost anything with mayonnaise. i'd call my first daughter by mayonnaise which m sure my future husband wudnt agreed on.

22. I am one of the few who were born with no talent. I guess talent is actually what u work for. Ppl say m good with writing and sometime drawing. If sleeping was a talent then i'd be an expert. or talking , or eating. Both of my little sister and big brother play musical instruments like drum and guitar ,me on the other hand play with myself. hahahah. who doesnt eyh?

23. So being a non-talented among my sibs , i tried to catch up by trying to learn how to play guitar and I suck! one time i swear i could hear the guitar was wailing in despair. me and music , no good. and i dont exactly have a dulcet singing voice. so yeah , ive born with no soul.

24. I dont know whether this is a tradition or not , but do u remember , when we were young , we like to call ppl names , particularly their father name just to pissed them off? well yeah , ive gone through that phase as well and having wong as a surname didnt help either. The name still echo in my head whenever i recall about it . "wong gedek gedek , wong gedek gedek" . but little that they know that my last name that distinguish me from others now. ape name bapak ko? azman? ismail? tak gempak langsung. name bapak aku gak cool. *those are random names , tade kene mengene ngan name bapak sape2*

25.I will turn 23 in the next two weeks , which is february the 14th. Every time when ppl ask for my birthday they will go like "SERIOUSLY? ARE U KIDDING? UR BIRTHDAY IS ON VALENTINE? omgg u are such a lucky girlllll~~" . err firstly , i appreciate the amount of energy u put on being so concern abt my born day. secondly , its not like i was born princess or something , my mother just decided to squeezed me harder on that particular day. lastly , no , its not fun being born on the "love" day because i cant remember the last time a boy actually ask me to a dinner on that day.

26. i know it say 25 things but m no good in following rules anyways . so here is the last one, whenever i finish shiting , i will look at the turd and see how big it is , if it is unusually big i will quickly call my sister and tell her about it. one time i even video called her.its amazing how shit that big can come out from a hole this small.

p/s : penat la sial buat bende nie. thesis tanak buat nie rajin plak buat. hahah

p/s to tagger : thank u bil. uve made me wasted half of my day doing this , alternately between few episodes of gossip girls of course.

the could be delicious p/s (if p/s was a cookie that is) : i tagged all my friend. malas nak pakse2. nak buat buat..tanak buat suke ati ko la labu.


Bil said...

sampai ke blog diena men-tag diri sendiri.
dah dah, pegi buat thesis! klau tak grad jgn salahkan bil plak!!

cikudi said...

ahhh malas gileeeeee okkkkkkk!!