Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh god! ive been a notty girl!

So there we were,4 of us in the artificial air blowing cold office. It was so cold until i could feel one of my bone starting to be frozen slowly ,bit by bit. Bole kawan ngan Mat Kool! yeah.

Anyways,my pretty boss whom we all called "MOM" was talking about how xtremely kaya her friend is. Like his father owned a ferrari and big houses and that and this. We were all like oohingg and aahing over this human lucky luck.So in the midst of the conversation,wendy suddenly asked

Wendy : Howw laa to be suddenly rich like that?
Mom : *with excited voice* Ohhh..cann laa..u can buy number whatt

So,after mom's brilliant and zooming suggestion,4 of us (including me) quickly grabbed a pen and a paper. We went back to our own places and trying so hard to choose a number,our potential lucky numbers. A number which might bring a temporary happiness in our life.

So three of us, Me ,Ronald and Wendy while leaving mom alone in the coldness, went to the kedai nombor ekor. Baru la aku tau yg byk la jugak sebenarnye jenis nombor2 ekor je. Biase la..kawe tak tau,budak baru belajar kan.Lepas jalan jalan jalan tu kiterang pun sampai infront of the prominent red coloured shop filled with people with different skin color (but mostly dark). So ronald and wendy ajared me how to buy a number. I was so excited considering my virginity on these kind of things havent been penetrated yet. So i wrote my numbers and skittshly handed it over to wendy.Wendy bagi kat org behind the bars and she gave us a paper of record of the number that we just bought.

So tonite i checked the toto punye website and LUCKILY i didnt win any. Coz u know what might happened if i won? I will be indulging and devouring duit haram tgh dkt2 nak pose nie. Tanak aku buat dosa lagi. But u know what, i guess this is acceptable because im sort of celibating right now. One way or another rite?

But lucky for Ronald, die menang dohhh, tapi dapat consolation prize je la. And moreover menang with my car number plak tu. Aku plak terbalik kan numbor. Supposedly 5678 but i switched the middle number jadi 5768.

Ok, this is gonna be the first and the very last of me stepping my foot inside the kedai. I know this is so wrong in so many ways,but hey at least i got to tried it just once.Dont worry ,never will i ever do this again, unless of course if the situation demanded it.Hahahha.

OK chiow. tido time

p/s : Ini utk bk - thanks blanje cake,air,ikan bakar, dan macam2 lagi. Ko mmg nak aku gemok.

p/s lagi : i donnot accept,entertain or give a shit for u judgemental saikotic out there. M living my live,and loving it. every inch bit of it.

Tipu dusta poster yg bernilai tidak beberapa ringgit utk memanipulasikan minda lemah si pembeli. Ini sume hanyalah penipuan!

Mule2 cani...

Pastu cani..hehhee

the number that i choose.

i wud have won 14mil if this number came out. hahha dream dream dream.

Ronald menang la sial. cool gile. lagi cool dari biskut tiger!


dinie said...

aku nak kaya cepat.. ajar aku wei

rage said...

*clap clap*.. wa first taim tgk pic lu pun wa dah agak dah muka lu nih penuh NUR.. cam bercahaya.. tapi NURRRRaaakkaa ah. huhu.chiao.

Amir Hamzah said...

hahahahaaha!!!! im laughing at 8am in the morning. baru je ingat nak tido balik. great post!! siap ade tutorial tuuu.

Amin said...

i nak beli jugaklah. nak duit ribu ribu ribu. hahahaa