Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sex Machine. Oh La La~

Remember my ultimate sex machine? The love of my life, the father of my unborn offspring? ok thats just nonsense.

Anyway,in addition to my greatest libido, ive added a new (well actually it is my old monitor) right scrotum to my workstation.Now i can play game,movie and chatting at the same time. Am i great or am i great? yeah yeah i know. m awesome in every angle of ur view. dont flatter me. its fattening. i dont need anymore fat under this thick layers of skin.

Pictures taken using my newly positioned camera. See how the angle compliments my beady eyes? hahahha

Moving on to totally unrelated topics.

oh oh. anyways , my lovely,multi-talented sister has posted an entry dedicated to her indispensable sister. u can go read or fap ur way to stardome.

Oh my,look at those links. i never posted so many links in my entry before. my blog should be awarded with any sort of highly respected educational awards. or so i hope.


Amir Hamzah said...


iknowunot said...

pipi ko da tembam, tak macam 7tahun dlu.

aRe You? said...

hahahaha..lawak sial adik ko nye post..
nieway pic ko obvious gile cube besarkan mata!

Re!D [TeaSeRS] said...

haha nice post... :-)

wan hussin said...

cket2 imbas semula lagik... adeh!

*by the way, mato ko memang sepet, takyah terai2 nak kasi besau. ahaks!

a s h said...

lawak siak
keco je ade 2 monitor! :P