Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Privacy is so yesterday!

Yes,the internet (especially any social networking community portal like Facebook,Myspace or Friendster to name a few) is the easiest way to get known or to know people. It is also the best and effective way to STALK people.

It is easy how people can get the information and personal details about someone over the internet.How easy the information leaks out without the consent of the owner.But then again,who cares. As long as they get noticed and at least known to a stranger,they'll be happy as a little girl who just get her first dildo.

How ignorance someone is to willingly providing information without thinking twice that all the details provided will somehow someday be use agaisnt them.

How sad it is that our birth given right to our own privacy could be easily violated. There is no silent world anymore out there. We are as good as dead.Then again,who cares, as long as they get acknowledge at some stupid pool party,they'll be bragging on and on about it.

And how conveniently i am to approve all of urs friend requests. That way, u can happily without any hint of guilt commenting silently or loudly off the comment box about my pictures. And how,u can also,again without any tiny feelings of responsibility critique the way i dress,look and the friends i hangout with.

And oh,also,u mustn't forget to claim to ur friends that uve know me since the day i detached myself from diapers.Oh oh oh,and yes, i am also the bitch,slut,easy,cheap,whore that u vividly told ur friend just because i am somehow the new person ur group love to hate.

Then again,who am i to have had known all this. I am just an adult teenager who still soul and life searching herself. Fiddling in other peoples business just aint my daily chores. Unless of course , if u, ur solid self have been behaving crucially destructive towards me or other person that i am close to.

Ill end my writing here. No,no,do not be disappointed, i will and always will keep on writing to feed ur curiosity about me,my friends, and my whole life. I am here to serve u with all the information u need to be use agaisnt me someday.

p/s : same post at my facebook. Need to expand my thoughts at large. The day i become silent is the day i bury myself in my own grave. hahahhaha. m talking rubbish. thank you for spending ur worthless time reading this.


Anonymous said...

this is exactly why i reading all your posts..looks like u'll be getting more stalker la after this

Diena Wong said...

as long as u behave then i dont mind u being my stalker..hahha

Anonymous said...

i hate stalkers who do better than me.


iknowunot said...

aku nampak ko kat lyn. ko tayang la link blog ko kat situ. nescaya ramai stalker masuk sini.

Diena Wong said...

aku tak kesah ah.tape..biar kan.