Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lifeless i am.

YAY!! intern da habis

yey yey yey yey yenaporingeeee

now i can

1. tido sampai kurus
2. merayap malam2 cam homeless people
3. tido sampai busuk
4. merayap pagi2 cam sakai

shit. lifeless sial aku nie.

tlg sape2 ade keje tak nak offer?

aku tanak jadi loser.




ahhh..tido ah cani.



kaznessrocks said...

kau tetap loser di hatiku

Anonymous said...

banyak keje skrang, cumer tgk preference je.

found your blog link from sum magical site, at 1st i tot u were chinese by your name, anyway since u're 1/4 malay, i'm a 1/4 chinese, haha, oh i'm an MMU cyber grad also, whats your major?

Diena Wong said...

magical site ape tu? herri.

well guess we are in the same boat. neither here nor there ey?

m not graduated yet. almost,but not yet. m taking digital media. u?

Dayana said...

meh part time ngan aku kat ofis ko tu hahahah

Anonymous said...

yeah, we're kinda in the same boat, just that my side is already starting to sink.

my major is information systems engineering.

i'm kinda picky when it comes to getting a job, damn me.

Amir Hamzah said...

does it start with and "L" and ends with a "T"? lol

I'm being very vague

Diena Wong said...

ape start dari L and ends with T..?


lutut ke ape nie?

Anonymous said...

boleh pakai adobe indesign? meh malay mail nak pakai graphic artist.