Thursday, September 11, 2008

Food is better than sex


lapa la sial.

teringat roti bakar cheese tambah gula kat ali b. the melting cheese in between the bread is better than sex. food is better than sex. everything seems to be better than sex right now. i should go into an isolation since sex isnt dat much of a problem right now. oh im extremely bessoted with food.

but seriously. m normal. straight as an arrow but could possibly swing both ways. what the hell am i writing this to the world. i rest my case.


Dean said...

great writing aa! :D
ey,if that wht u meant by gooder than sex,how bout bad sex?
rotten cheese wit worms?

updated ur blog interface aaa..nice

Anonymous said... stoly

rage said...

straight as an arrow.. but still playing both fields? ya sick!.. lol

dort jamaludin said...

sex la terbaek! diena dont lie! haha

i know u very well as u know me that well.

Diena Wong said... da tak bermakna lagi weh....hahahaha..m a changed girl now...betulll..tak tipuuu

wan hussin said...

hehe! Sex is Food.