Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aku tak paham kenape...

aku tak phm how some ppl can be so oblivious of their surrounding.
aku tak paham how certain person can actually behave so nasty towards other person
aku tak phm kenape seseorang itu bole menjatuhkan air muke org lain tanpa rasa secebis pun perasaan bersalah
aku tak phm kenape ade org yg bole keep on constantly acting like this world is some sort of theater stage or something.

tlg someone,help me understand all these things. or maybe i dont need to. maybe this is a government conspiracy to stir up the anarchy thats been going on in our political world nowdays.

maybe she is a rejected angel from heaven god sent to look after us.

maybe she is sexually confused.

or or maybe she is a secret weapon of mass destruction to destroy all of us.

or maybe she is being herself. her own parasite-self. but then again,who am i to judge.i am just an observer. or penyebok. aku tak suke jage tepi kain org,tapi i cant help it kalau kain org tu besar dan berwarna warni sangat.

ahhh..m talking crap. theres is noway,i mean noway someone could be acting so horribly pathetic like that. that is not even humanly possible. we all live in peace and harmony in this country,everyone is nice right here. visit malaysia2009. chow.


rage said...

lol.. maybe she's just sexually deprived.. sd lend her a finger or two.. anarchaic anomaly at best. err.. ya aren't talking bout that saiful guy are ya? lmfao..

kaznessrocks said...

jjjjjjyeah. now everyone is done blogging about her. i hope she realize!

Dayana said...

die pun loser. wannabe, stuck up, perasan hot, attention seeker, control freak. and no, i'm not making even one bit about her!!