Friday, August 15, 2008

My new infatuation

Remember d last time that i ranted about my pc? Yeah..i experienced a total damaged,everything from mobo to windows. lucky thing i already put my drawing at other hdd. So i called my mom and put on my "wallowing in despair" tone. After deep consideration frm my mom and thousand of reasons and empty promises from me , finally she gave me the money to buy my new baby.

I didnt go straight to Lowyat (which i prefer to call "Heaven") to buy everything at once. I only bought a white casing and thats it. My initial plan was to spray the casing with pink color.

Anyways,m too lazy to write about everything that i went through to get my new pc. Instead i just post a picture here. Picture tell a thousand words. or so they said.

This is the original color of the casing

spray spray

first attempt : PHAILED BIG TIME! this is certainly not the color that i wanted..soo

the next day i went to buy another can of spray and sprayed it again.

HORRAYY!!!! The greatest achievement in my life ever since i learn to differentiate between sugar and salt.

The comparison between my old and new baby.

So the next day i went to Lowyat and buy the candies.

The heart of my pc.

The uncontaminated lung of my baby.

Aku pun tak tau nak buat ape ngna gc nie.

sape kate pompuan tak pandai assemble pc?

Lesson no 1 : Tweezer can be use to open a small screw.

after hours of sqeezing this baby through my inner canal.

cool sial! lagi cool dari Mc Hammer

my pride and joy.

turns me on everytime. i dont need guy. i have u.

now u see this.

then u see this me go now! bye2!


donie said...

lu kaya ah..

Eman said...

gila lu. quad core. 9500gt lagi. omaigat. i hate u perempuan. haha

anips said...

its pink~!!! omigawd pink~! arghhh! my eyeeeeees~ nuuuuu~

Anonymous said...

isk..akak amik kos ape eyk??terer nyerrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

isk..akak amik kos ape eyk??terer nyerrrrrrrrrr

RaPunXeL said...

kak...hebatnyer,,amik kos ape kt ipt???jawab~jgn tak jawab~~!!

Diena Wong said...

shit..jgn panggil akak doh..anyways saye amek course yg tade kene mengene pun ngan pasang pc ke beli pc ke ape ke..course bodo je..budak tak pass spm pun bole amek course tu..tadaaa

Anonymous said...

show off!!

dengki sebenaryaaa. hahah cm sial

rage said...

PINK!!! @%#^$&*($&#^ bimbo sial! aduh.. memati wa ingat lu cam meminah brutal lepak kubur memalam minum darah kambing.. last last.. PINK! &#^$%*@(#) cam BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!.. ewww..

Diena Wong said...

shut up bitch

rushmira rusli said...

nice legs ! sluurrpp !

barb said...

haa..monitor menegak..ah teringat masa praktikal dulu..kenakan makcik makcik tua keje gomen.Bagi diorang monitor menegak..pastu kelam kabut! :D

tengkorak_hangit said...


show off x hengat

khairul anwar said...

spray monitor sekali la baru best.

Amin said...

haha. i really like your blog. sangat mencuit hati. haha

Anonymous said...

mencuit hati kepala toya kau amin!!!

Amin said...


Anonymous said...


What's the 9500 for?
Crysis? XD

Clerks said...

Peh. Ganas specs.

Anonymous said...

Girl x Screwing Computer = Hot... It really makes me wanna...haa, BTW funny Blog you have here!!!