Friday, June 20, 2008

Turning over a new plastic leaf

So i guess i will start blogging again since i found it so much fun doing it at LiveBlog @ Fesbuk *yeah i do spell facebook like that. it is like my mojo. It draws a smile on my face. So deal with it*.
I found myself a bit over too krenki *and yeah i do spell cranky dat way* lately. This has pms-is-a-bitch written all over it. The thing i hate the most about Pms is not what it does to me or my body or my emotion but more on what it does to the ppl around me, people that i actually care and people whom is kind enuff to put up with it *by it i mean me. I am an it when pms kicks in*. Well, look at the bright sight.


well..unfortunely there is no bright sight.
Maybe i lost my torch lite but bright sight seem a little bit too far to reach even with a torchlite , dont u think? no?
Try being me u asshole.
Seeeeeeeeee m doing it againnn.

Moving on.

Can u believe that i havent started my intern yet?
Everyone is starting theirs and seem so occupied with their work.
But me? Noooo..My only work is kangkang depan monitor sambil tgk series.
Cam loser sial aku rase.

Aku rase lagi cam loser sebab CHAQ dah dok asyik berkepit ngan syam.

So satu budak hitam,
Duduk depan pc,
Jadi la loser,
Order mekdi hari2
*igt tak lagi lagu budak2 hitam tu?*

OMG..Pc and hari-hari could actually rhymes!

p/s : I wud do anything for a ciggy rite now. But no solicitation, unless of course if u make me an offer i couldnt resist.Nehh..not gonna happen. Not even one tiny nano bit.

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