Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diena suka bermimpi yg die tak bole capai. kan?

Did I mentioned that i wud do almost anything just to see Petr Cech in action? No? It must have casually slipped my mind then. But yeah, i wud and this include

Super Duper Combo VVIP Airplane ticket from Manhattan to Malaysia = RM 19698 *i sanggup sacrifice tinggal kerja high-profile i for u*

Food = RM 7000 *bare in mind that i only eat at 5 stars hotel*

Lingerie *wink wink* = RM 2000 *i bought those with genuine diamond (is this what u calld it? yeah..the one with transparent and flawless little stone..all this while i tot it was peebles coz i used to throw it away at one of the sea that my daddy owns) that will soon be trap and suffocate in between my bonts*

Sexy perfume = RM 900 *those with extra hormones added so that he wont notice how ugly i am before we make sweet sweet love*

Ticket to watch the game = RM 103 *bole je senang2 nak dapat duduk tepi prime minister. tapi i humble, malas nak tunjuk riak sangat. tuhan marah ok org riak*

Seeing Petr Cech wiggles his cute bumbum towards my perfectly mold nose the morning we wake up after having such an amazing nite = PRICELESS!

I dont know how much is the total cost of my expenses because daddy always says not to worry about the spending limit of my platinum credit card.So I guess its ok then.


I always came up with ridiculously overwhelming stories. I choose to be that way coz telling u guys the real story would be boring and it will only last a couples of lines. So i prefer to fabricate my stories.But if u insist , the story behind this sugar-coated tales was actually like this..

Balik keje. Gi piramid. Withdraw duit. Beli ticket. Makan. Balik umah.

tgk..tak best kan?

Petr wait for me lalink ku cinta kanda intan payung berlian emerald susu pekat cap gantungku sayang!

Oh im so happpyyy. As happy as a wrinkle old virgin maid getting laid for the first time.

Gambar nie terlalu sacred utk diconteng.

The most meaningful RM103 i ever spent using my parents money.

Moving on.

I was so suprised to received a phone call from CEO of Adobe himself. He ask me whether its ok to use my initial in one of their product which is Adobe DreamWeaver coz he said it is unethical to steal or use my ubberly famous initials without asking my permision first hand. So i said

"Mo man taiii la braderrr..suke ati lu laa..gua okkk ja..gua taikooo maaa..asal lu tak ranggi lebeh sudeh"

He was so happy that he accidently poop a couple of immature shits which i assumed will definitely leave a skidmark on his designer brand boxer.

The end.


Dayana said...

kimak. perasan lebih.

Diena Wong said...

biar ahhh..laki aku nak datang..kene ah spend lebeh sket..hahhaha..weh pinjam lingerie putih victoria secret ko..lingerie berlian aku tali putus doh..kene antar g fixed kat paris..

Anonymous said...

cam babi jerr..borak gila kaya! sini ada v s ker?