Friday, June 27, 2008

Chelsea is Coming to Malaysia!

Tlg la..ade tak sape2 yg rase die baik ati sangat..
tlg la blanje aku ticket chelsea..willing to wear white wet t-shirt with or without the inner wear. I am dying to go and see Chelsea!! If i buy Chelsea ticket dat means i have to sacrifice my other expenses. But its ok..anything for my darling Petr Cech! I swear m going to have a major orgasmn the second my eyes lays upon his gorgeous stares! And another orgasm when he gracefully dives in for the ball. Aku cinta ko oh Petr!

Tapi tanak blanje sudah! Aku datang jual beger and mineral water kat parking pun jadi la. At least i know that i am just few steps away from my sweet sweet darling Petr Cech! Ahhhh how i wish i could smell his sweat *
now this is just plain diskasting*

Oh it turns out that the ticket isnt as expensive as i tot it wud be.
Mmg aku beli yg paling mahal skali la. Stendet ah , berlagak is my best known quality. Tayah la aku nak menagih simpati dan mempertaruhkan maruah begging kat kau. Murah je niee..murahhh jeee niee *
air mate berjurai2*.

So Petr, please wait for me. I know dat u are long to see me. We will rekindle back our long forgotten love that we had since i was just a tiny zigot.

Well , to express how grateful and happy i am , i will share some pictures my petr sent to me via email. I love u sayang.

Petr : Sayangg..tunggu abg datang tauuu..Abg rindu bau ayangg..i miss u ucukk..tak sabar nak jumpe anje abg nie. *he says in slowmotion*

Petr : Wait for me darling..I tau u rindu ni kan? Jari hikmat i. U jgn risau..its all urs..wait for me with an opening. miss u

p/s : let me have my own fantasy moment. I have the right to do whatever i want with my fantasy juice. It is healthy and totally normal to fantasize about whoever i want.


donie said...

aku rasa ko ni terencat akal la kot..cech mana ensem... baik ko suka si makelele

Anonymous said...


Diena Wong said...

i know i knowww..isnt it radical? hahhaha

Anonymous said...

macamla peter chec bace blog ko... beriye...

Amin said...

hahaha. u kelakar. anyways i got to admit that cech is the best goalkeeper in the world. tapi man u lagi hebats. cheers. :)