Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Little Own Foretold Fairytale

For your information , it is not all fun and game being a sole dictator of this made up magical Kingdom of ChibiChibi. Everyday i have to think of different strategies to conquer other kingdome, i also have to come up with more unbearably distressing ways to inflicts and tortures my unsophisticated ill-bred peasant.Dont get me wrong, I like my job. It is my birth given right to do this for my monthly expenses but this job also comes together with a very bad consequences which in this case would mean my people's extreme aversion feeling towards me. So in order to know more about my people I decided to put my power and throne away for just one day and go undercover as a illegal migrant worker/animal/farmer/blacksmith/bondage pro. This is a monthly routine that I've regretted doing ever since.

For this month , I've decided to go to this one Soy Sauce Factory at the very corner of the kingdome which heavily infested by two headed mutate cockroach. So there i was , flicking my hand-down magic wand in the air forming some kind of unknow gesture that magician often do in the morning kids show and POOOFF! I've become a very cute little pink bunny.

Behold the pictures that ive taken using the tip of my wand which is probably the main cause of its lousy quality and countless of invisible but sometime noticeable little white dot that we civilized people called noise.

Im all dolled up to start my day. See how the bunny ears match perfectly with my naturale born blush. Fascinating aint it?

I was so suprised to be granted 1 day permit from my bare chested mentally challenged supervisor. Notice the wiggling bunny hanging on my hand? Apparently she is suffering from a severe austism. Just like me when i was small. But that doesnt hold me back does it? Im still reigning this friggin fantasy land! BOO JYEAH!

This is when I tried to blend in and amazed my colleague with my new found hidden rare talent which is farting thru my mouth. I also noticed that the air that came out from here is more pungent than the usual smell of fart. Maybe I already reached the higher level of Nirvana.

This is me when I was doing my infamouse fake laugh as a respond to my colleague's lame joke and suddenly my wand went unexpectedly crazy and turn me into one ugly blue sea monster. This has made a few of my co-workers to think twice about inviting me to their cocktail party next week. So ive decided to decapitate them myself when m back to being king.


Yeah..aku pun cant stand myself blabbering nonsense shit. So mind if i stop now? What? U want more? tunggu when the full moon rise from the black lake k. Till then babai n nanait!

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Extremist Thinker said...

cane wat gmbr camtue ar? funny la!